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Nomad Donuts Bakery & Cafe (new location)

Nomad Donuts, a very popular donut shop in San Diego known for their creative flavors, recently debuted their new cafe. The larger location has indoor seating and an expanded menu that includes wood-fired bagels, sandwiches, and desserts. And of course, their donuts!
photo of a bagel sandwich served at Nomad Donuts Bakery & Cafe

I’ve been looking forward to this new location as I’ve been a big fan of Nomad Donuts. The new store has extended hours and increased donut production.
photo of the outside of Nomad Donuts Bakery & Cafe
We visited this past weekend, arriving in the early afternoon. I was really pleased to see that they still had a lot of donuts available (they used to often run out around noon on weekends), plus all of the bagels, bagel sandwiches and a few desserts.
photo of the donut display case
photo collage of the interior of Nomad Donuts Bakery & Cafe

House Cured Salmon Bagel Sandwich
photo of House Cured Salmon Bagel Sandwich
I was most looking forward to trying their bagels. They offer Montreal-style bagels here, a growing food trend in San Diego. My experience with Montreal-style bagels is fairly limited, having not yet been to Montreal. I do know that they are smaller, thinner and sweeter than NY-style bagels.  They are boiled in a honey sweetened water before being baked and always baked in a wood-fired oven.

Nomad offers a choice of plain, sesame, poppy seed, or everything. And just like their donuts, they also have vegan versions of their bagels.
photo of bagel display
Our sandwich was generously slathered with their dill caper cream cheese and sufficiently stuffed with several slices of house-cured salmon. I enjoyed the sandwich a lot, but I especially enjoyed the bagel.

The bagel had a good rise to it. It was pleasantly chewy and slightly sweet. I haven’t been very impressed with the bagel offerings in San Diego, but I really enjoyed this one and I actually wanted to pick up a few more bagels but the line had gotten substantially longer after we placed our order and I didn’t want to get back in line again.

Chocolate S’mores Tart
photo of Chocolate S'mores Tart
The tart had a buttery pastry crust. It was filled with a thick chocolate caramel and topped with meringue. It was delicious and satisfying and am looking forward to trying the other dessert offerings.

Ube Taro donut
overhead photo of Ube Taro donut
Of course, we couldn’t leave without a donut. Our favorite donuts here have been their cruellers and ube taro.

Overall, we are really happy with this new location and the expanded menu of Nomad Donuts Bakery & Cafe. The original location is currently closed for remodeling. I think we’ll be visiting here a lot more often with the extended hours and indoor seating.

Menus from our visit (please note the donut and dessert selections change daily)

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Nomad Donuts Bakery & Cafe
3102 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

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2 comments on “Nomad Donuts Bakery & Cafe (new location)”

  1. I want to try the salmon bagel sandwich next time and a dessert or two. The sausage, cheese and egg that I had was really good.