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Okabe Seifunjo

photo of the Okabe Seifunjo boothOkabe Seifunjo is currently at Mitsuwa Marketplace San Diego, serving up fresh mochi treats. They are from Hokkaido, Japan and will be in town until June 6, 2016.
close-up photo of the booth
Their set-up is front and center when you enter the market. Some of the sweets they are making include ohagi, sakura mochi and gyuhi mochi.

photo of different kinds of mochi in containers
photo of more mochi desserts

After much contemplation, I chose a box of assorted ohagi and green tea warabimoti.
photo of assorted ohagi and green tea warabimoti.
Ohagi is a mochi variation that is made of sweet rice and usually filled with red bean paste. My favorite was the sakura one, with its slightly sweet and salty flavor.
close-up photo of sakura
Warabi mochi is a chewy and jelly-like mochi. The actual inside of these were a beautiful shade of green, but they are dusted in soybean flour which muted their bright color. 

The only one we didn’t try was the strawberry gyuhi and I’m regretting not getting it. At the time, my mindset was that I already had two boxes of mochi to finish by myself, plus we had some wonderful strawberry gyuhi in Kyoto, but now I wish I had gotten at least one to try. I may have to make another trip this week…

Okabe Seifunjo (inside Mitsuwa San Diego)
4240 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego, CA 92111
In town from 05/27/2016 – 06/06/2016

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4 comments on “Okabe Seifunjo”

  1. Very nice to see these different types of mochi. I would like to try that strawberry one as well.

  2. Great post, will literally stop by today on my way back from work 😀

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