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Opera Patisserie

DH and I really enjoy having lunch and desserts at Opera Patisserie. The little French cafe is always completely packed when we visit, all the way until closing. I wish they had longer operating hours.

On our last visit, we had already eaten, so we came by for a light snack and some dessert.

When you order at the counter, you first have to walk by the dessert display. It’s quite hard to resist, especially when you have a sweet tooth.

One of our favorite things here are the truffle oil fries. The thin crispy fries are seasoned with truffle oil and parmesan cheese. Opera Patisserie is one of the cheapest place for truffle fries. One overflowing box is priced at about $4.

We had a really hard time choosing a dessert. We ended up choosing quite a few. I felt a little embarrassed at the register when I told the cashier we’d be eating them all in the restaurant– just DH and I.

Chocolate Crunch

This was a new one we haven’t seen before. It’s a chocolate mousse cake with crunchy crisps embedded inside.

Chocolate Bomb

This is one of our favorites. The chocolate mousse, the brandy cherries in the middle, and the hazelnut crunchy base. I love everything about it.

Mini Sampler

They have several mini samplers. This one had an apple crumble, pistachio cranberry cake, mango strawberry cake, coffee cake, and a coconut tart.

I liked most of the sampler, though found the mango and pistachio cakes a little too sour. I really loved the coconut and the apple tarts.

We left full of sugar and happy with out desserts and fries. This is a great little spot for a relaxing Saturday breakfast or lunch or just desserts. You can also order large quantities of their desserts for parties or gifts too. You can read my previous post here.

Opera Cafe & Patisserie
9254 Scranton Rd
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 458-9050

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6 comments on “Opera Patisserie”

  1. I love that they have sampler plates! So pretty!

    • Yeah, I love the mini samplers. They are so cute and you get to try a few diff desserts at once. Though usually the full size desserts and the minis are not the same at all.

  2. This looks a lot like a patisserie we have here in Louisville. Beautiful treats!

  3. I like the mini samplers! So much variety. Too bad about the sour ones though.

    Although I haven’t been to this location, their desserts can be found at Lisko’s. I remember trying that waffled looking Chocolate Crunch at Lisko’s on Mother’s Day. The guy gave it to us for free since it was a day old. I didn’t like it because it tasted too dry. The other stuff we had was good though.

    Haha, I’d feel the same way too, about eating all those desserts in house! But hey, they were mini size, so that’s okay! Nothing to be embarassed of! 🙂

    • Yeah, I realized Lisko’s was carrying their desserts after I went to Lisko’s with you that one time. I like that Opera has more stuff though. I wonder price-wise if Lisko’s charges the same or do they charge more. I wish Opera would carry the giant palm sized macarons that Lisko’s has.

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