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Pacific Poke Co

photo of a dish served at Pacific Poke Co
Pacific Poke Company opened late last year. The restaurant focuses on poke bowls, but also offers a few other items like spam musubi and spring rolls.

Like most of the other poke restaurants in San Diego, you choose a bowl size, base, proteins, toppings and sauce.
photo of the outside of Pacific Poke Co
The fish and proteins are kept behind a solid barrier, making it hard to see the ingredients you are choosing from. While they are listed on the menu above, I usually like to look at the ingredients before making my decision so  I did find that the barrier to be a little frustrating.
photo of the menu at Pacific Poke Co
I didn’t notice the employees weighing the proteins even though the menu is priced by size and weight. However, the portions seemed to be pretty generous.

The interior has some tables and this lovely wall art.
photo of a beach mural inside Pacific Poke Co

Brown rice, ahi tuna, spicy tuna, octopus, avocado, seaweed salad, wonton chips, furikake, masago, cucumbers, magic sauce
photo of the ahi tuna and brown rice with magic sauce bowl
I’m not sure what is in the magic sauce, but I enjoyed it. It was creamy and slightly sweet.

When the restaurant first opened, they were using wider but more shallow bowls. They’ve since switched to the deeper bowls, which I prefer as I find them easier to mix everything to eat together.
close-up photo of the ahi tuna bowl

White rice, ahi tuna, salmon, octopus, wonton chips, seaweed salad, spicy mayo, sesame seeds
photo of white rice, ahi tuna, and salmon poke bowl
This was Mr. K’s bowl. He didn’t get as many toppings as I did.

Overall, both of us enjoyed our bowls and found them to be quite filling. We’d come here again and we thought this was better than the other poke places in the Mira Mesa area.

Pacific Poke Co
9168 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92126



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