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Papa Luna’s Empanadas

Papa Luna’s, which open late last year, specializes in empanadas, offering more than 20 different filling varieties. The shop has been on my to-do list for quite some time.

We had purchased one of those online offers which was good on a carry-out order, so I sent DH off to go bring us home some empanadas after placing our order online.

There are quite a range of fillings to choose from, with flavor inspirations from all over the globe, but we finally settled on four.

Each empanada is placed in a bag which is clearly marked with a letter so that you are not left guessing which one is which.

Carne Molida (ground beef, green olive, potatoes, raisin, hard boiled egg)

The ground beef filling had a Middle Eastern feel to it. I wasn’t particularly a fan of the raisins or green olives.

Turkey Dinner (turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and served with gravy)

This was my absolute favorite of the four and tasted just like described. The homemade gravy was particularly enjoyable and DH even used it on the other empanadas too.

Thai Butternut (Butternut squash, coconut milk, lemongrass, yellow curry)

The filling was basically mashed butternut squash that had been cooked in coconut milk, lemongrass and yellow curry. I found the curry flavor overpowering. The spices actually reminded me more of Indian curry rather than Thai curry.

Banana + Nutella

Of course I had to try the Nutella one, which was accompanied with some chocolate dipping sauce. This one was pretty tasty  and I liked the sugar coating on the empanada shell.

We liked two of the four empanadas we sampled. Neither of us are really big on eating empanadas in general, but we thought this is a unique shop with so may unique flavor offerings. We’d come back again to try some of the other flavors.

Papa Luna’s Empanadas

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16 comments on “Papa Luna’s Empanadas”

  1. Sounds like a place my husband and I would like!

  2. I actually really like that they do baked! I like the texture of the dough better when they are baked as opposed to fried (possibly just because its closer to how the empanadas I grew up with in Brazil tasted like)

  3. I’m a fan of most places where the owner will still take your order. Of course, good tasting food is a prerequisite. Definitely a great place a little further up the Garnet drag.

    Glad to see them becoming so successful.

    • This place has definitely become quite popular since you first told me about it. Always glad to see these small shops do well

  4. Thanks for the review Kirbie!! We did add an option for frying empanadas a few months back. I’m guessing you ordered through Living Social Take Out and Delivery. Their programming team can be rather difficult to work with and so if people don’t specify in the notes section for fried or baked, we default to baked. It’s been interesting to see the break down, I thought more people would be taking the fried option but so far i’d say it’s about a 80/20 split baked vs. fried.
    As you’ve mentioned we are always adding new varieties and changing up the menu so another Asian inspiration could be on the way. Any ideas?
    Thanks again,

    • Hi Simon. Thanks for reading and responding. Yes I did do the Living Social Take Out thing. Now that I know there is a fried option, I definitely want to try it out. I’m sure a lot of customers choose the baked one because it’s healthier. I just happened to have some fried ones a few months ago and couldn’t believe how much better it tasted, which is why I am excited to get the fried ones next time. As for Asian inspiration, a Korean marinated meat one sounds like it would be a good filling.

  5. Man, I wish I lived in San Diego. I’m obsessed with empanadas! If I ever happen to be in that area of CA, I’ll be sure to check this place out. Everything looks delicious!

  6. Great post! The pics look amazing . Did they have any Asian inspired ones besides the Thai? I bet you could do one 🙂

  7. after darlene did her post a few months ago, the owner responded to it (since she and a few others commented on how the pies should be fried) and said there would be a fried or baked option. last time i went, i asked for it fried. the time before that, the girl gave me a choice. baked makes it taste so dry. when they’re fried, they’re super hot too! so, now you have to go again (or DH)! 🙂

    • We didn’t have the option of fried or baked, but I agree fried would taste better. I guess we’ll have to make another trip.

  8. i was just there this weekend! 🙂 in the past, i had the camarones y tocino, the carne molido (i liked the raisins and olives tho’), and philly cheesesteak. the thai butternut squash was too mushy for my liking. vegeterian isn’t my thing i guess.

    did dh order these fried or baked?

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