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Paris Baguette recent visits

We’ve been shopping a lot at H Mart recently, which means many visits to Paris Baguette for their baked goods. One thing I find interesting is that every time I visit, there is some new item I haven’t seen before.

For example, on one trip we spotted canelé.

On another trip we spotted egg custards which don’t really seem Korean or French.

Here’s some goodies we’ve tried on our last few visits that didn’t get devoured in the car ride home and that I remembered to snap photos of.

Twisted Donut

Finally tried the donut, but I have to say I was a little disappointed. It didn’t taste all that special to me and the dough wasn’t quite fluffy enough for my preference. Given that it’s a little on the expensive side for a donut, I’ll pass on this one next time.


I love brioche bread, both the traditional buttery French version and also the non-traditional Asian version. This bread was soft and good and was more of the Asian-style. I actually prefer the 85C brioche though which this one closely resembled in taste and texture.

Tapioca Bread

These chewy breads can be found at a lot of bakeries now but Paris Baguette makes one of my favorite versions because theirs is always so big and the inside is airy and not overly dense.

Egg tart, green tea swirl bread, Belgian waffle, chocolate croissant

I always get a chocolate croissant when I’m here. I love the crispy flaky layers. The green tea swirl bread was quite pretty. I liked the Belgian waffle though it needed to be heated up again once I got home. The egg tarts were nice and creamy though the crust was a little too soft.

I forgot what these are called but they are fried glutinous rice balls. I was surprised that they weren’t really sweet or savory. They were a bit on the bland side.

So that’s all for now. There’s still quite a few things I haven’t yet tried, including the cakes.

My previous Paris Baguette goodies can be found here.

Paris Baguette (inside H Mart)
9440 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 577-0060

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14 comments on “Paris Baguette recent visits”

  1. That tapioca bread is great. If you time it right, they’re over-the-top good straight out of the oven. Haven’t figured out their schedule to know when that is though…

  2. I’ve been dying to try canelés! The only place I knew that had them was in NY and they’re impossible to make at home since you need the proper mold and beeswax…happy to find out they’re available in SD!

    • You know I haven’t tried the ones at Paris Baguette yet so I’m not sure how good they are. But yes, I think it’s the only place in San Diego I’ve seen them at so far.

  3. If 85 degrees had a store in SD, I’d be in there nearly every day! Paris Baguette is near home, but the crowds keep me from visiting too frequently. I liked the almond croissant, will have to try chocolate next.

    • Oh i would be at 85C all the time for sure if they open one in SD! They recently opened their third location in West Covina and there’s another LA store planned. I know they have bigger expansion plans but I just don’t know when it will include SD. I hope it happens though.

  4. I’m with you on the chocolate croissant. I always get one when I’m there. I will have to try the green tea swirl one, was it good?

    • I thought it was a little too sweet for me, but other than that it was good. It’s worth trying out. But yes, chocolate croissant is good!

  5. I wish I had known about H mart when we lived in Scripps Ranch! I would’ve been there everyday. Maybe it was a good thing;) I’ve been curious about egg tarts, what are they like?

    • H mart only opened a few months ago, so it might not have been around when you lived at Scripps Ranch. Egg tarts have a flaky pie crust and the filling is a sweet egg custard. I love them and you can get them at a lot of Chinese bakeries and at dim sum.

  6. I seriously applaud your ability to remember to take a photo of these breads before you eat them! Haha. If it were me, every pastry would have a (large-ish) bite missing 😉

  7. I hope I can run into you one day when I’m shopping at H Mart! haha
    Man now I want some 85 degrees…. Did you know they are opening one in San Diego?! Or at least that’s what been going around the rumor mill.

    • I’ve heard they are looking to expand, but I don’t think they are going to be in SD anytime soon. To my great sadness. They already have definitive plans for yet another one in the LA area, and are also looking to move up north too.