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Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette
3561 El Camino Real, #75
Santa Clara, CA 95051
(408) 260-0404

When Baby Bro was telling me about the Lawrence Plaza Korean Food Court, he kept telling me it was right next to Paris Baguette, as if that meant anything to me.  I figured it must be a popular place and decided to look into it the night before.  It turns out, despite it’s name, Paris Baguette is actually a popular Korean bakery chain.  Some people said it was similar to 85C, so I was excited to try it out.

We arrived in the early afternoon and the place was pretty packed.  It did remind me a lot of 85C, except that Paris Baguette actually runs out of breads whereas 85C continues to bake them all day.  A lot of the breads were already gone when I got there.  I did pick up some pretty treats though.  I’m not too familiar with Korean breads and pastries, so I just read the descriptions and grabbed ones I thought sounded good.  I especially was interested in ones with sweet potato filling and green tea filling.

On one side of the bakery is all their fresh baked goods.  On the other side are tables and chairs for those people dining in.  They have a limited menu as well as coffee and tea drinks.

Once we were home, we were in a rush to try the breads, so there wasn’t time to take good pictures. We sampled a sweet potato bread:

It was a lot of filling and not too much bread.  I found it a bit too sweet, but it was soft and fresh.

Sweet potato pie:

The sweet potato filling didn’t seem nearly as sweet.  I really enjoyed this one. It is made with the yellow sweet potatoes you find at Korean and Japanese supermarkets.

Green pea pastry

The bright green color and the name is what caught my attention.  The filling isn’t green pea though- it’s green tea.  Perhaps it’s named “green pea” because of the bright green.

I’m not positive, but I think this was a green pea bread:

Tapioca Bread

I was intrigued by this bread.  I saw a lot of people grabbing it so I did as well. The bread is more savory than sweet.  It’s hollow inside.  The outside is a very chewy crust.  It reminds me of the outside of a french baguette, except even chewier.  The sesame seeds adds a nice taste.  I really loved this bread but my mom didn’t like it at all.

Fig pastry

I liked how this one was shaped like a bracelet.  I don’t remember if I liked the taste.

Corn strewed bread:

There was no corn on this bread, but I think the name comes from the topping, which looks like corn kernels.  This bread is very similar to the chinese pineapple bread (buo lo bao), with a sweet crunchy yellow top.

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5 comments on “Paris Baguette”

  1. Next time you are in the area stop by Snow Ice, its the shaved ice place right next door to Paris Baguette, AMAZING stuff 🙂

  2. LOL, I’m pretty sure the “green pea” was supposed to be printed “green tea”- it’s just a typo 😉

    • I never thought of that. Hmm. I have seen desserts using green pea. The paste was so sweet it didnt taste like green tea or green pea. heehee

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