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Petite Cookies from Taiwan

As you may recall, my baby brother’s girlfriend recently came back from a visit to Taiwan. And one of the things she brought me was a box of these adorable cookies from Konig Foods. The writing on the box is in French, so I believe the bakery has some french influence in its baked goods.

These petite assorted cookies are adorable and come in the cutest tin which I will definitely keep to store my little knick knacks. Inside, there are four rows of tiny, bite-sized cookies. When I opened them, I practically squealed at the cuteness of the presentation.

Most of the cookies are a butter-type crunchy cookies, but in various different flavors. Inside is a small guide telling you the flavors. Starting from the top left, the flavors are orange, caramel, cocoa, almond chip, blueberry, almond, green tee and coffee.  I love getting cute gifts like this, so I had to take a picture before I dug in to the cookies.

You can visit Konig’s website here, though it’s all in chinese. You can see the yummy food pictures from baby bro’s gf trip so far here and here.

4 comments on “Petite Cookies from Taiwan”

  1. wow, what a really nice gift! those cookies are adorable!

  2. i got these cookies as a gift too and was very surprised at how good they were! a lot of taipei cookies are too bland or just look pretty and don’t taste good, but these were cute and delicious!! you beat me to blogging about them! 🙂 hahah

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