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Philz Coffee

overhead photo of two coffee drinks served at Philz Coffee
Philz Coffee, a very popular coffee chain from the San Francisco Bay Area, recently opened its first store in San Diego.

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time in the Bay Area, you’ve likely heard of Philz Coffee. They focus on drip coffee rather than espresso drinks. They have over 20 blends available and every cup is brewed to order. Their signature drink is a Mint Mojito.

photo of the outside of Philz Coffee
This first San Diego store is located in Encinitas with a few more stores planned including an upcoming one in La Jolla Village Square.

During their soft opening all drinks were complimentary. I was quite excited to see a Philz Coffee finally open in San Diego as it reminds me of home.
photo of the menu at Philz Coffee
The coffee shop is fairly spacious and does have its own small parking lot. In addition to their signature coffee blends, the shop also offers a variety of pastries as well as an open-faced toast menu. This location of Philz is the first to launch the toast menu and they were unfortunately all gone during our visit. Hopefully I’ll get to try them next time.
photo of the food menu at Philz Coffee
The staff was very friendly and helpful, very much like all the other Philz’ locations I’ve been to.

Mint Mojito and Mocha Tesora
Mint Mojito and Mocha Tesora
These are our go-to drinks when we go to Philz and they are the most popular ones as well. We got iced versions of both of them and “Philz way” which is with a medium amount of sweet and cream. I was surprised that both the drinks were almost overflowing, but it made for a pretty photo.
close-up photo of Mint Mojito and Mocha Tesora
Some of my mint garnish slipped beneath the ice cubes, but I love how you can see the swirls of cream on top.

We also got a bagel sandwich to go with our drinks since they were out of the toasts.
close-up photo of bagel sandwich
The coffees were great. The bagel was alright, but then I’m quite picky about my bagels.

We had a great first visit at Philz Coffee and I’m looking forward to going back and trying the toasts and also looking forward to the opening in La Jolla Village Square as that location is a little bit closer to me.

Philz Coffee
1060 S Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA 92024

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2 comments on “Philz Coffee”

  1. We will have to try the Mocha Tesora next time. I do like their mint mojito!  It’s good to have a Philz down here now (well, still far from me, but still!).  I’ll be in the Bay Area in a month or so and plan to go to a Philz…

    • I’m looking forward to the one in La Jolla Village opening as that will be closer to me. hope you get to try the mocha one next time!