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Pizzeria Mozza

After a disappointing initial visit to San Diego’s branch of Pizzeria Mozza, we’ve been wanting to go back after they had a chance to settle in. I’ve been hearing that the pizzas have gotten better, so we recently went back for another visit.

We munched on crunchy breadsticks as we perused the menu.

Crispy Goat Cheese with Umbrian Lentils

We’ve made a point to try a different appetizer every time we are at a Pizzeria Mozza location. So far we’ve enjoyed them all, but nothing has been worthy of a repeat. The lightly battered goat cheese had a crunchy exterior and very rich and creamy interior. It paired well with the mild flavored lentils. Again, we found this dish enjoyable but not one we’d repeat.

Prosciutto di Parma, tomato & mozzarella

I ordered this pie last time and wanted to compare with my previous experience, so I ordered it again. The prosciutto wasn’t as prolific or perhaps had shrunk too much by the time it reached me. In their Facebook page photos as well as the pie I had on my initial visit, the pizza has a pile of arugula in the center, with a plentiful ring of prosciutto that stretches to the crust.

Pie from first visit:

While it wasn’t quite as visually appealing, it tasted noticeably better. The tomato sauce was flavorful with a spicy kick, much like the sauce I’ve come to adore from my visits to Pizzeria Mozza in Orange County and LA. The crust also had a very satisfying crunch.

While I was pleased with the improvements, I did feel like something was still missing from the crust. I wasn’t fawning over the pizza like I usually do when I dine at the other Pizzeria Mozza locations.

Margherita Pizza

Mr. K ordered his old standby. We were relieved to see this pie come out considerably better looking than the very disappointing one from our previous visit. There was luscious red sauce peeking from underneath the cheese, rather than a thin layer of dried up tomato paste. The flavor of the sauce was noticeably improved.

Pie from first visit:

But still not nearly as appetizing as the pie from our last OC visit:

It did feel like they drizzled too much olive oil and it made the pie unusually oily. Normally our favorite pie is the margherita, but we both preferred the prosciutto.

Again, we loved the thin crust and the crunch, but felt it was still missing something.

Overall, this experience was much improved over our first visit to SD’s Pizzeria Mozza. I think they offer pretty solid wood fired oven pizzas, but I don’t think the pizzas are up to the quality of their LA and Newport Beach outposts. Service was also a little spotty. The person assigned to refill waters and clear plates was extremely attentive. However, our actual server was always busy. In fact, shortly after we sat down, the table next to us got up and left after being fed up with the wait.

My initial post has more details and the menu photos and you can view that here. You might also like to read about our experience dining at Rusticucina.

Pizzeria Mozza San Diego
789 W. Harbor Dr, Suite 110
San Diego, CA 92101

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4 comments on “Pizzeria Mozza”

  1. I really hope the pizzas improve, I’ve wanted to try Mozza for years and was overjoyed they opened one in SD only to see dismal reviews (that lasted for months and months). Good to see they are improving but I want them to be as great as the other Mozza’s!

    When I saw your post I was hoping they were going to be amazing because recently I was reading an article with the NYTimes food critic Mark Bittman and he said the best bite of food he had in San Diego was at Pizzeria Mozza…thought that was slightly offensive considering all the good food we have and the consensus that Mozza here is not exactly up to par.

  2. I still haven’t been here for a proper sit down meal, but mostly because we avoid going Downtown. Sounds like the food has improved a bit at least! We’ll have to come in for a visit. That goat cheese looks pretty good.

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