Pumpkin Biscuits

Time is running out on my pumpkin baking season. While I could bake pumpkin year-round, for the sake of sanity for my family, I limit my pumpkin baking craze from October 1st through Thanksgiving. Then I put down the cans of pumpkins and move on to winter/holiday treats.

I have a few more recipes I want to try out before pumpkin baking season is over though. One I tried recently were these pumpkin biscuits.

My biscuits didn’t quite come out out as I hoped. Perhaps I was a little distracted and messed up somewhere along the way. They still tasted good. Moist, soft, full of pumpkin spice. But they didn’t have as many flaky layers as I had hoped.

I brushed the tops with a honey glaze which added a nice touch of sweetness to the biscuits. Yummy.

I followed a recipe I found on Sweet Pea’s Kitchen. The only change I made was that before placing the biscuits into the oven, I brushed the tops with some honey warmed in the microwave for a few seconds (making it easier to brush onto the tops).


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  1. I like the idea of the honey glaze on top!

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