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QT Pot revisit

We went to the newly opened QT Pot a few weeks ago to try the individual hot pots. It was a good experience and we’ve been wanting to return to try some of the cooked dishes.

Salt and Pepper Wings

I’m pretty wary of most of the salt and pepper wings I try, but I was really impressed by these. They may be my new favorite ones in San Diego. The wings were incredibly crunchy and flavorful, and the meat inside was still very moist.

An order of 6 pieces was priced at $4.99, which was pretty reasonable.

Fish with Dry Red Pepper

This dish wasn’t exactly what I had imagined it was going to be, but it was still really good. Obviously they have a good frying technique down. The fish fillets were covered in a thin layer of batter and fried until golden and crisp. The fish remained flaky and moist. I did think the heat level was a little too dialed down though. I was expecting more of a burn.

Curry Hot Pot

We also shared a hot pot, this time the curry one. Again, there was plenty of ingredients buried inside. I didn’t quite enjoy the flavor of this broth as much as the previous ones we tried (beef and house special).

Overall, we had another good meal here and service was attentive. This restaurant is now on our rotation and we plan on coming back to try many more dishes and hot pots.

You can read my original visit here.

QT Pot
9201 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126

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6 comments on “QT Pot revisit”

  1. Oh! I like that this hot pot has the corn in it! I went last week and had a hot pot to myself which was like, way too much food. I want to go back and try the meats on sticks and those chicken wings.

    • I can’t finish a whole hot pot either! Even though we split one, we couldn’t finish since we ordered other dishes. I do need to come back and try more of the menu

  2. Interesting, we went for early dinner last Sunday and the curry pot had no clams and had glass noodles (says udon on the menu).  It was very tasty, though.  Our party also got the house special and the beef pot, but I liked the curry the best.  
    The leftovers from the other two pots were turned into a tasty dinner monday night served over rice.
    We also got the salt&pepper squid, and were comped a seaweed salad — both tasty.  My family is up for a return trip – I’ll get more taro or yam to add to the bowl next time. 

  3. Mmm..  Fried chicken wings.  🙂  You like these better than Golden Chopsticks?  I notice and hot and spicy icon on the menu.  Were they hot or spicy?

    • Yes, they are salt and pepper wings so they do have some heat. they had pepper flakes in there, but it’s not super spicy.

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