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Queenstown Public House

Queenstown Public House always seems to be buzzing during weekend brunch time, so we recently went to check it out.

It’s a Kiwi inspired restaurant by the same owners of Raglan Public House and Bare Back Grill. In addition to indoor seating, there is ample outdoor seating which allows dogs too. It was a nice day, so we chose to sit outside. It actually got quite hot, but luckily they have fans behind the chairs to keep away the heat.

You can view the brunch menu here.

I was tempted to try the Kiwi breakfast but I was worried I wouldn’t like the vegimite.

Prawn and Grits

I’ve been craving creamy grits lately, so I chose this as my entree. The grits were creamy, cheesy and well seasoned. I did feel like it needed something else to break up the creamy dish. The shrimp helped, but it needed bread or some other side to break it up, especially since it was such a generous portion.


This was Mr. K’s choice and we both really enjoyed it. Jalapeno corn bread with hoisin pulled pork, poached egg, jalapeno cayenne hollandaise sauce and garlic kale. This dish was bold with lots of flavor and I also enjoyed the spicy kick.

We weren’t too hungry the morning of our visit so we kept it simple. I enjoyed what we had though I would like to see more items offered on their brunch menu. I do like that it is dog friendly.

Queenstown Public House
557 Columbia Street
San Diego CA 92101

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4 comments on “Queenstown Public House”

  1. I was wondering about this place. Nice looking house! Vegemite is something I haven’t tried yet. I’ve smelled it though but couldn’t bring myself to eat it. It smells yeasty. Soemtimes I wish restaurants wouldn’t serve such large portions. I like it when I have a little bit of something good than too much because then it’s just overkill.

    • I once was watching some sports thing on tv and they started talking about vegimite and how bad it was. So ever since then I’ve been afraid to try it.

  2. I love the look of the building – very classic looking. The shrimp & grits look good! I always think with creamy dishes like that for an entree you need something else to break it up, like a salad or some veggies or something! I feel the same way when I order just mac and cheese – it’s too much to eat it alone. Mr. K’s dish looks great, too, but maybe too spicy sounding for me. I like the idea of pairing something with cornbread!

    • I’m like that too. I can’t just eat a giant bowl of mac n cheese without something else to go with it. I really like the look of the building, though it was easy to overlook. We drove right past it because we didn’t think it would be a restaurant!

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