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Red Moon Noodle House

Red Moon Noodle House recently opened on Convoy Street, in the same plaza as Tapioca Express, Tofu House, Crab Hut, etc. I like to think of the plaza as one of the worst parking plazas in San Diego.

I had glanced at the menu in passing previously and was a little confused by their offerings. There were some Chinese dishes, Thai dishes, Japanese dishes. We were in the area the other day running errands and decided to stop by.

The small cafe is a small operation, with the Chinese owners doing most of the cooking. The front of the restaurant is run by a cheerful young woman who checked up on us often.

The menu is pretty limited and each entree comes with rice. There weren’t really any options for a family sharing style meal which Chinese restaurant usually offer. I used yelp as a reference for some recommendations.

Walnut Shrimp

The portions here were more like individual entree portions rather than large Chinese plate portions meant to be shared. I was a little disappointed with the portion size. The mayonnaise on the shrimp was a little bit on the watery side.

Assorted Pan Fried Noodles

This dish was much better. DH loves this dish and is constantly looking for a good version. This was pretty good.

Overall, the items we ate had  a very home-style feel. They seemed more like the quality level of dishes you’d eat while at someone’s house rather than restaurant quality. That being said, it’s not bad either. It’s somewhere I’d go back for a quick bite, but not necessarily somewhere I’d take friends or if I wanted a big meal.

The service was very nice and attentive though so hopefully this place will attract enough foot traffic to stay in business.  I also would like to see the menu expand.

Red Moon Noodle
4646 Convoy St
San Diego CA

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10 comments on “Red Moon Noodle House”

  1. We had several dishes, all were extremely great. The Red Moon Beef is the most Authentic Orange Peel Beef I have had in many (30) years. We also enjoyed the Hot and Spicy Japanese Eggplant and the Sweet and Pungent Shrimp. Portions were very appropriate for the price, and we had leftovers. We tried three different Starters and all were very tasty. This is not some cheap Chinese takeout joint, but well thought out and prepared Chinese cuisine. Owner/Staff was very friendly and actually remembered my Daughter who visited three weeks ago and referred me to an excellent choice of dinner. Take out service was Awesome!!! and on time.

  2. The pan fried noodles looks pretty good. Good meat to veggie portions and sounds like the noodles are fried well. That and the sauce really is the key for me.

  3. So where is your fav place to get pan fried noodles in the Convoy area? I usually go to Sam Woo.

    • I haven’t really found one I loved actually. The one at Red Moon was decent. I haven’t tried the Sam Woo one in years. I’ll have to check it out.

  4. I love pan-fried noodles too!

    • Me too! There used to be this Vietnamese noodle shop near my house and they made a really good version. Not anymore. But back then, even with about 50 noodle options on the menu I always had to stick to the pan fried noodles. So good.

  5. hey Kirbie – I recently visited twice….not that impressed with the food overall, but the folks here are very nice! And the hours are kind of weird too.

    • Hi Kirk. That was basically my impression too. Super nice people, food is so-so. It’s not something where I leave angry but it didn’t make a big impression either.