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Ristorante Kaz

We recently went to Restaurant Kaz for a lunch revisit. Now they actually have an official sign up, making it much easier to find.

The menu has also expanded and they still offer a lunch prix fixe menu which starts at $12. You choose a soup, salad and main course. It also comes with orange juice or coffee (no refills).

Complimentary Bread

Slices of fresh bread were accompanied by an oil and vinegar dipping sauce. I wish the bread had been warmer and crunchier.

Ceasar Salad (+$1)

I opted to pay $1 to upgrade from the House Salad to the Caesar. The dressing was a little on the watery side, but otherwise this was alright.

Marinated Vegetables (+$2)

My friend opted to upgrade to the marinated vegetables. He stated that these were delicious and he liked that they roasted the vegetables as well. I’ll have to try this option next time.

House Salad

DH opted for the base house salad. He seemed to enjoy it.

Corn Soup (+$1)

I’ve always enjoyed the Japanese style corn soup which is made of mashed corn in a cream broth, like a corn potage.

House Soup

This was a light broth with cabbage and bacon.

Crab Meat Peperoncino(+$4)

My friend enjoyed this one. It was a light pasta dish with a good amount of shredded crab meat.

Uni Pasta (+$4)

This dish is on the lunch menu at Izakaya Sakura. It tasted exactly the same. The cream sauce has some sea urchin essence and there are little chunks of uni in the pasta as well.

Tuna and Mozzarella Penne All’Arrabbiata (+$2)

This was DH’s choice. The menu indicated it would be spicy, but the spice was pretty mild.

I like that this place is continuing to expand the menu. I do wish they would add more staff. There was only one person working the floor on the day we went and she seemed overwhelmed. All of our courses were brought out at once instead of each course coming separately. It made it hard to eat with so many plates on the table and not wanting anything to get cold.

The cooking has a homestyle feel to it. I think it works with the lunch prices but if I had to pay more, I wouldn’t be as willing to come back.

You can read my first visit here. Here is the menu:

Ristorante Kaz
3904 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111

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2 comments on “Ristorante Kaz”

  1. My husband and I went today for lunch. I had the Spaghetti with Crab and Tomato Cream Sauce. He had the Uni and Salmon Roe Spaghetti with cream sauce. Both entrees were excellent…the best Japanese-Italian since we lift Tokyo. The pasta was perfectly al dente (which is rare here). The soup today was pumpkin, and it was excellent. They seem to have taken your suggestion about the bread, as it was lightly toasted and crunchy. Their coffee is excellent as well. We’re definitely going back.

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