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Rita’s Italian Ice (Rancho Penasquitos)

Rita’s Italian Ice has continued to expand throughout San Diego, with their newest opening in Rancho Penasquitos last week. The popular shaved ice chain from the East Coast has several more locations set to open in San Diego in the next few months. For their grand opening, they offered a free regular ice or regular sized gelatis for $1. It was such a hot day we decided to get some after work, hoping the lines had died down.

Speaking of weather, how crazy were the random thunderstorms in San Diego this weekend? I can’t even remember the last time it rained in July, much less thunder. But in a flash, they were gone, and it was sunny weather again. So bizarre.

Anyhow, we were wrong about the lines. They were still pretty long, but we were already there, so we decided to wait anyway.

Mango Strawberry Ice with Vanilla Custard

Mr. K chose a Gelati (which consists of a bottom layer of custard, a middle section of ice, with another layer of custard on top) with mango strawberry ice and vanilla custard. I thought this combination worked really well. I really love how creamy and rich the custard is here and with the ice sandwiched in between, the whole dessert tasted velvety smooth.

Cookies n Cream Cream Ice with Light Vanilla Custard

I ordered a gelati with their cookies n’ cream cream ice and light vanilla custard. As you can see, the lightened up custard did not like the heat, melting into a puddle immediately after I went outside. *sob* It still tasted pretty good though and I couldn’t really tell that it was light except for how fast it melted. I chose the cookies n’ cream ice because some readers had suggested I try the cream ices which are creamier than their regular shaved ice treats because of the inclusion of dairy. This indeed was creamier, though I had a hard time adjusting to a cookies and cream flavored shaved ice. It just didn’t quite work for me. I do want to try other flavors though.

Overall, we enjoyed our desserts. We are really enjoying the gelatis at Rita’s Ice and plan on being back several more times this summer. Tip: They also have a free app you can download on your phone which you can use to earn stamps for each visit. On your 8th visit, you get a free ice.

Rita’s Italian Ice
13295 Black Mountain Rd
San Diego, California



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12 comments on “Rita’s Italian Ice (Rancho Penasquitos)”

  1. I didn’t even know they had a light vanilla custard! I always try one of the creamy ice flavors, but it never seems right to me. It would probably be great in a blended form, but that seems to defeat the purpose of getting ice AND custard (I like the different textures and flavors). I basically think of what flavors I’d like to see in a creamsicle and go from there.

    You’re brave to stand in that line! We drove by it after work (and past the Golden Spoon line) and decided to just go to Rite Aid for a cone!

    • i didnt know about the light custard until this visit. Okay so I’m not the only one that feels like the creamy ice one seemed off. Yeah normally I wouldn’t wait in that line but it took us about 20 min to get there and it just seemed like such a waste to drive back and forth for nothing

  2. I was considering going for that event but I have class until 9pm on Tuesdays and didn’t want to wait in line after a 12+ hour day. Plus, I picked up some free vouchers a few days before which are good until end of August. No rush needed.

    Someone mentioned they were planning to open one in Mira Mesa near the Target store. I may wait for that unless I’m already in PQ for Sab E Lee or something!

    • i love that this is in the same plaza as Sab E Lee. they are opening one in mira mesa, but i dont know when it will be open.

  3. That’s great there’s a location closer to you! I like their gelatis as well – I like the mix of the ice with the creamy custard. 

  4. I didn’t know they had a light custard either! I must have missed it when I visited the Chula Vista location. RP is much closer though so I’ll have to swing by again to try their other flavors. I also heard they are opening one in Scripps Ranch. If they also do the Mira Mesa one there’ll be 3 close by haha. 

    • i wonder if it maybe isn’t available everywhere. i dont remember seeing light custard when I was at the Bonita one either. Mira Mesa one has a facebook page already!

  5. I just got back from the east coast, and I forgot to look for Rita’s when I was in Philadelphia. Oh well – RP is much closer!

  6. Love love Rita’s! Wish that the closest one wasn’t 30 mins away from me. I need to get a Rita’s fix soon!

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