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Rita’s Italian Ice

Rita’s Italian Ice, a famous East Coast chain known for their ice and custard combination, has been expanding to the West Coast. Several locations are set to open in San Diego this year.

I’ve been wanting to try Rita’s for the longest time, and finally paid a visit this weekend. It definitely will be one of many visits.

They offer various fruit flavors of Italian ice as well as creamy soft serve custard ice cream. You can get just ice, just custard, a mixed drink, but the most popular item is the gelati: Italian ice layered with custard.

The combination is quite magical, with the contrasting textures of ice and cream. The ice itself is also smooth and flavorful on its own. After trying out a few flavors, this is what we ordered.

Mango Ice with Vanilla Custard

Dragonfruit Ice with Strawberry Custard

Mr. K chose the dragonfruit ice with strawberry custard. It’s sugar free, using splenda as a sweetener alternative. If you’re sensitive to artificial sweeteners (like me), this one may not be for you.

The custard was the highlight for me. It’s lusciously rich and creamy. I loved it so much that we ended up getting a bowl of just vanilla custard to-go.

Tip: There is a rewards program that you can sign up for by downloading their app. When you visit, you scan the bar code at the register with your phone and it will do a virtual punch out from your online rewards card and you earn a free ice every 8 visits.

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Rita’s Italian Ice
Bonita Point Plaza
1463 East H Street
Chula Vista, CA 91910
Phone: (619) 307-3743

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8 comments on “Rita’s Italian Ice”

  1. The mango ice and their custards are my favorites, so good!!

    • the mango was my fav, but i only sampled 3 flavors. i need to try them all! hehe. love the custard though. i think i just want custard

  2. I grew up with Rita’s since the company headquarters is near my childhood home. The BEST flavors of Rita’s ice are their “cream ice,” which is thicker and smoother than the traditional flavors. My husband and I will drive 30+ minutes in order to get to the nearest Rita’s store near us. Mint chocolate chip cream ice and Chocolate brownie cream ice are our favorites! 🙂

    • i want to try the cream ice next time! i didnt notice it when i was in the store, but I saw it on the website when I was writing this post. chocolate brownie sounds divine!

  3. I’ve been here so many times, it’s not funny!  🙂  I like that the flavors change daily. TC loves it because most of the flavors are fruity. I was excited when they had coffee Italian ice and chocolate chip. I also like the mix of Italian ice and frozen custard for their gelati. Two in one! 

    • now that i have the rewards card, i’m obsessed with earning my first free one! there’s another one that is supposed open closer to me soon. i can’t wait!

  4. I love Italian Ice too!!

    Just dropping by and noticed a change in your layout site!
    It looks nice! Also I enjoy your quick mug recipes and few ingredients! I hope you have un-uploaded Bay Area restaurants reviews to share!

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