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Royal India Del Mar Lunch Buffet

While running errands a few weekends ago, we noticed that Royal India Del Mar is now open for lunch on weekends. It previously had served a lunch buffet on weekdays but was only open for dinner on weekends.

The weekday lunch buffet is $9.99 per person. On weekends, they offer a champagne brunch so it is $14.99 per person and it comes with a glass of champagne. Mr. K and I were actually not interested in champagne and were hoping there was a discount if we opted out, but no such luck. So instead, we were able to substitute mango lassis for champagne.

Once we sat down, we were served with complimentary warm naan.

Then we went to load up our plates. There was a decent selection of offerings.

Here’s my plate:

Here is Mr. K’s:

We each did do one more helping, though I forgot to take photos.

We had an okay time here. I would have liked to see more selection and I wish they had a non-champagne price offered on weekends. I’d be more willing to return if they offer the $9.99 on weekend lunch too. We might come back if we are in the area for lunch, but our “go to” Indian buffet still remains Ashoka The Great.

Royal India Del Mar
3860 Valley Centre Dr
San Diego, CA 92130
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4 comments on “Royal India Del Mar Lunch Buffet”

  1. Looks like a good selection there (and good price too).

    What was the red line in your mango lassi?

  2. Thanks. Just curious. I figured it would some sort of fruit puree.

    • No, just a syrup. I’ve seen them add it on various stuff, like when I had their rice pudding for dessert during dinner. I guess it’s more for aesthetics.

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