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Sab-E-Lee (New Rancho Penasquitos)

The Original Sab-E-Lee recently opened a new location in Rancho Penasquitos.

After Kirk first reported of a new Sab-E-Lee was opening, I was really excited to check it out. I’ve always enjoyed the original one, but the location is so tiny that we rarely dine in. The newer location is a little bigger so you can actually bring a bigger group of people to go eat.

This weekend, DH and I got to try it out with some great company: CC of Pink Candles at Ridgemont High, Carol of CAB Cooks and Jinxi of Jinxi Eats.

The menu is very similar to the original location.

Duck larb

I’ve been a fan of the beef larb so it was interesting to try the duck one. It was a little on the spicy side, but enjoyable.

Thai Sausage Fried Rice

I liked the fried rice itself, but wished there were more pieces of sausage. I usually get the sausage by itself and think next time I’ll do that again and then order a different fried rice.

Crab noodles

This was a first for me. I thought the noodles were a little too soft and mushy. Also even though we ordered the same level of spice for all the dishes, this one barely had any spice.

Papaya Salad

This was pretty good and always one of my favorites. It packed quite a bit of spice, even at a level 3 spice.

Beef Jerky

This was my first try with their beef jerky. It was basically what I thought it would taste like, a homemade version of beef jerky without all the preservatives.

Sticky Rice

We also got an order of sticky rice. I love the little container it comes in. I’ve always felt the sticky rice here is a little on the hard side.

Overall, we had a good lunch here. The food quality was very similar to the original Sab E Lee. I’d rather visit this location because it has more seating more. I’ll definitely be coming back soon with others for my Thai food fix. Here is the full menu:

You can also read CC’s account of our meal here.

Of course, the most enjoyable part was the company we got to eat with. Eating with food bloggers usually also means yummy treats too. On this occasion we were treated to some delicious chocolate espresso mochi cake from CC and some walnut candy and pineapple cakes from Jinxi. These didn’t even last the afternoon before DH and I polished them off.

13223-2 Black Mountain Rd
San Diego, CA 92129

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14 comments on “Sab-E-Lee (New Rancho Penasquitos)”

  1. This place is certainly closer to home and I like the fact that I don’t feel so cramped at the tables. It was great seeing you and DH again. I’m ready to go back!

  2. This looks so good. So sorry I couldn’t make it. I haven’t had their papaya salad in a while; looks good.

  3. Triple posts on SEL-RPQ! Very cool! Love your photos! I wish they had the Issan Sausage as a separate dish, not mixed in with fried rice.

    • You know I looked over the menu a million times and couldn’t find it. And then I just looked again and it’s under appetizers!

  4. I’m looking forward to trying this location. I was at the Linda Vista one about a month ago, and Kirk posted on it the next day. Our food seemed really spicy to me even though I requested level 3.

    PQ is a much shorter drive, and I’m glad to hear it’s bigger.

    • We had originally requested medium, which the waitress said was a level 5, but she recommended we go to a level 3. I thought 3 was quite spicy on some but not enough on others. heh. But yes, I’m so happy with a bigger location.

  5. Thanks for the excellent menu! Sometimes they are hard to read but this one magnifies. 🙂

  6. haha – we double posted on the same restaurant! go coordination!

  7. Nice write-up Kirbie. We still gotta get up there.

    • Surprised you haven’t yet been! I wanted to go the minute it was open but made myself wait until lunch with the girls since CC had suggested we all go together. I’m glad for the extra room and it looks so shiny and new inside too.

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