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Salt & Straw (San Diego)

Salt & Straw, the very popular artisanal creamery originally from Portland, recently opened their first San Diego shop in Little Italy. Salt & Straw is my favorite ice cream shop so I was super excited when they announced that they would be coming to San Diego.
photo of an ice cream cone from Salt & Straw

The shop is located below Prepkitchen. On both our visits, there was quite a line. In addition to their seasonal holiday flavors (available until Jan 5) and classic flavors, they also offer a few San Diego exclusive flavors.
photo of the outside of Salt & Straw

While I’ve never been to the Portland locations, I have visited a few of the LA shops where I completely fell in love with their ice cream. The texture of their ice cream is incredibly thick, smooth and creamy like no other ice cream I’ve had before. They also have a lot of unique flavors.

The staff is very friendly and they are very generous with letting customers sample as many flavors as they want.
photo of a case filled with pints of ice cream
On each of our visits, we had a single scoop and also picked up a few pints to-go.

Butter Roasted Chestnut
overhead photo of Butter Roasted Chestnut
This is one of their holiday flavors. It’s a little too sweet side for me but I love the flavor of the roasted chestnuts.

James Coffee & Compartes Love Nuts
photo of James Coffee & Compartes Love Nuts
This San Diego exclusive is one of my favorite flavors of the ones we’ve had. I already love James Coffee and I really enjoyed this coffee based ice cream filled with caramelized nuts that have a hint of sea salt to keep the ice cream from getting too sweet. We liked this so much that we bought a pint to take home.

Toasted White Chocolate & Roasted Strawberry
photo of Toasted White Chocolate & Roasted Strawberry ice cream cone
I usually find white chocolate to be too sweet but the toasting of the white chocolate reduces some of that sweetness. I found myself really enjoying the white chocolate base.

Not pictured, but we also picked up pints of Honey Lavender (one of their most popular flavors and one I almost always get) and Avocado & Oaxacan Chocolate Fudge. I love how buttery the avocado is and it’s mixed with swirls of chocolate.

Overall, I am so happy that Salt & Straw is now in San Diego and I plan on stopping by often. The ice cream is a little on the pricey side but I think their ice cream is some of the best I’ve had. The ice cream tastes very rich and the texture is incredibly thick and creamy without even a hint of a single ice crystal.

Salt & Straw
1670 India St, San Diego, CA 92101

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2 comments on “Salt & Straw (San Diego)”

  1. Yay! Can’t wait to check it out! Both Mary and I have gone to the Portland locations (her in SE Division & me in NE Alberta). Did they have ice cream flights here? That was the first place I’d seen it offered but didn’t try it back then. I just might now that S&S is in San Diego.

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