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San Diego Pretzel Company and a Giveaway

(Please Note, the Giveaway Portion is Now Closed.) Do you love soft pretzels? Then I’ve got a great Friday giveaway, open to all US residents, not just San Diegans!

Recently I was invited to tour the San Diego Pretzel Company. I had no idea that there was a soft pretzel making factory in San Diego.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know I love soft pretzels. My frustration over not being able to find the soft pretzels of my childhood led me to start making my own. When I first met the owners, a husband and wife team, with the husband a former executive chef and a Brooklyn native and the wife of German descent, I thought this could be promising. When they started talking about wanting to bring back the quality soft pretzels like the ones that used to be served on carts in NY, I wanted to hug them.

The San Diego company makes the traditional twisted NY pretzels, Philly pretzels, Munich pretzels, multi grain pretzels, pretzel rolls, and jumbo double twisted pretzels. (The top left ones with the fat bottom are the Munich ones, the top right is the multi-grain and the bottom one is the jumbo double twisted.)

In addition to supplying pretzel products to many restaurants and establishments in San Diego (Karl Strauss, Cohn restaurant group, just to name a few), their products can also be found in supermarkets like Whole Foods, Sprouts and Bristol Farms, and they are even sold at Disneyland. You can also buy their soft pretzel products from their online store or on Amazon. You can also order their pretzels for events and they also do some factory tours.

After our tour, my mouth was watering for pretzels, and luckily they sent us with a few to bring home to sample. We dug in pretty much a second after Mr. K turned on the engine of his car.

I loved how enormous the double twisted one was. It was also incredibly thick and fluffy because of the double twist method.

The Munich one was interesting. I’ve never had a German-style soft pretzel, but I was told they like them really dry, so there is no sugar in this dough at all. And you could definitely taste it. It isn’t so much that the dough is dry, but it leaves a dry aftertaste in your mouth. (The idea being that the pretzels are usually eaten with beer so you wash out the dryness with beer.) Not exactly my favorite, but then I’m not used to German-style soft pretzels. I did like the shape though.

We were given samples of the frozen NY style and Philly style which can be found in supermarkets. I was worried that they wouldn’t taste as good as the fresh ones we had, but they did. They were so easy to heat up. Five minutes in the oven and the pretzel skin was crisp and the inside soft. It took us only two days to polish off these pretzel samples and I’m craving more just writing this post.

After having a disappointing soft pretzel experience during my recent trip to NYC, I never would have thought I could find them right here in San Diego, but I’m so happy I did. I really hope this mom and pop factory continue to succeed in sharing quality soft pretzels everywhere. These pretzels definitely brought back happy childhood memories.

Now onto the giveaway. One of my lucky readers will receive one free pretzel product of their choice from San Diego Pretzel Company’s online store. I highly recommend the jumbo double twisted or the traditional twisted. This contest is only open to US residents. I will use to generate the winner. The contest will end on Friday November 1, 2013 at 11:59 PST.

To enter, leave a comment at the end of this post, telling me which pretzel product you are most interested in trying.

For additional entries:

1. Like this post on Facebook. Then leave a separate comment at the bottom of this blog post telling me you’ve done so. Also include your FB handle if it’s not obvious. Make sure it is a separate comment from your initial comment entry, so that it is counted separately.

2. Follow me on Twitter and tweet the following “Win soft pretzel products from @kirbiecravings” Then leave a separate comment at the end of this blog post with a link to the tweet. Make sure it is a separate comment from any of your other comment entries so that it is counted separately.


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  25. Yum! I LOVE PRETZELS! So cool to know we have a great soft pretzel company in San Diego. My favorite soft pretzels have always been the ones sold at the German American Societies Oktoberfest in El Cajon — very traditional.

    In any case, we’re trying to eat more multigrains around here because of the toddler, so I’d love to try the Golden State Pretzels.

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