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San Diego Snowy Village

Snowy Village is a dessert chain specializing in Korean shaved ice, with locations worldwide. They recently opened a location in Mira Mesa.

In addition to several snow ice flavors and options, they are also offer croissant taiyaki, a hybrid of French croissants and Japanese taiyaki (fish shaped cakes). The taiyaki are made with French croissant pastry dough and stuffed with a variety of fillings.

The cafe has a self ordering kiosk for quicker service.

We haven’t had croissant taiyaki since our last trip to Japan so I was eager to try one.

Mango Snow Ice

The shaved ice didn’t come in the buckets like in the photos but I think it was because we ordered a small size. The shaved ice was topped with plenty of mango pieces.

I found the snow ice to be a little too icy. We’ve had smoother and creamier bingsoo in San Diego from other places.

Taiyaki with Nutella

The taiyaki was hot and crispy. The dough wasn’t quite as flaky as the versions we’ve had in Japan, but it was still pretty good.

Overall, this is a nice new little new dessert shop. I wouldn’t come back again for the shaved ice but I would come back to try the other various taiyaki fillings. The customer service was quite friendly too.

San Diego Snowy Village
8270 Mira Mesa Blvd c, San Diego, CA 92126, USA

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