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Sloan’s Ice Cream

Sloan’s Ice Cream, a Florida-based luxury ice cream shop, recently opened a location inside the UTC Mall.

I’m not familiar with the chain, but I saw the “coming soon” signs months ago and I have a serious sweet tooth, so I made an excuse to drag Mr. K to the mall so we could go check it out.

The store is really quite a sight –with dozens of glittering chandeliers, bright pink walls, candy dispensers, stuffed animals, chocolate sweets, and a full ice cream menu– it is like a Sugar Wonderland.

It was hard to figure out where to start, but we decided to focus on the ice cream, which also has countless options. You can choose from their 30+ flavors, get a milkshake, ice cream float, soft serve, etc. There’s also an enticing menu of sundaes including a “kitchen sink,” like the ones you often see on of those food show challenges.

While I was very tempted by a brownie sundae, we decided to stick with ice cream for now.

One thing that makes their ice cream “luxury” is the ingredients used. Flavors like carrot cake has pieces of carrot cake and cream cheese frosting mixed in, apple pie has apple pie mixed in, etc.

The employees were very patient and let us sample several flavors before we made our choices.

Small Cup with Cookie Monster and Vincenzo’s Nutella Vanilla

This is the smallest cup size. At first, when I looked at the menu, I thought $4.99 was a little expensive for a small, but then I saw the portions. They really packed a lot of ice cream in here and they let you choose two flavors.

These were my favorite two flavors. The cookie monster has chunks of Oreos and homemade chocolate chip cookies. The Nutella Vanilla had solid pieces of Nutella, almost like Nutella chips, which I really loved. The ice cream itself was creamy and silky smooth.

Small Cup with Coffee and Doughnuts and Carrot Cake

While I like the idea of krispy kreme with my ice cream, I felt like the chunks of doughnuts were few and far between and I mostly had coffee ice cream in this cup. The carrot cake was a good, but quite sweet from the cream cheese frosting.

Overall, we had a great first time here. I can’t wait to come back for more ice cream and I really want to tackle the sundae menu.

Sloan’s Ice Cream
Westfield UTC
4458 La Jolla Dr. F-13
San Diego, CA 92122

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16 comments on “Sloan’s Ice Cream”

  1. Being a West Palm Beach, Fl resident and growing up eating this delicious ice cream since I was a teenager, I can not be more happy for them that they are expanding. You all are so lucky to have this amazing ice cream shop in your area. This is the place to go for homemade unique ice cream in Palm Beach County and now in your home town too!

    • I am surprised that their first store outside of Florida is San Diego. Though I guess it makes sense since the weather is nice enough that people eat ice cream year-round. I’m a little sad this one doesn’t have a bathroom since it’s in the mall. I read an article that the bathrooms are special too.

  2. Holy color explosions, Batman! I love it!! It looks like my dreams! I cannot wait to go here!

  3. Oh, I just saw this on Eater SD and thought of you!  Wow, it is so very pink in there and their scoops are huge. 

  4. Gosh I was JUST there at the mall and didn’t see this place! We took the bf’s nephew & niece to see Big Hero (which you must see BTW!) and had gelato afterwards. They would have loved this place better I think. $4.99 seems steep but the portion size looks great.

  5. Wow!  The colors are so bright!  I gotta taste this luxury ice cream.  🙂

  6. I was wondering what made it “luxury” ice cream, haha. It kind of looks like a mini festive Disneyland in there with the chandeliers – I almost expected some Disney princesses to be floating around. Coffee & Doughnuts sounds like an awesome ice cream flavor, too bad it was sparse on the donuts. The nutella one sounds yummy, too! I’d definitely just share one cup, looks like they give you a ton.

    • i think next time I’ll just share one too, now that I know how big it is! hehe, I can definitely imagine Disney princesses floating around

  7. The store looks so cute!

  8. I guess I haven’t been to UTC in awhile because I don’t remember seeing signs for this. Where in the mall is it located?

    • It’s near the side with Victoria’s Secret, and right next to Teavana. Mr. K actually was the one who pointed it out to me as I’m usually oblivious to my surroundings. After I read the sign, I did some research and have been waiting for it to open!

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