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Snooze Del Mar

One of my favorite brunch places in San Diego, Snooze an A.M. Eatery, opens its second location in San Diego today.

The past few days they were up and running with their soft opening, where meals were not charged and instead, customers were asked to give a donation to various charities. Mr. K and I managed to come in for an early meal before work to check it out. Unfortunately, we were tucked into a corner with a lot of privacy, but with bad lighting for photos.

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the Del Mar opening. The parking situation is better and I’m hoping with two locations, there will be less of a wait at each one.

The interior is decorated very similarly to the original one, with a lot of bright and cheerful colors.

Pancake flight (blueberry danish, cinnamon roll, and cinnamon cookie)

My favorite thing to order here is the Pancake flight. With seasonal pancakes and a “pancake of the day,” there’s a good variety to choose from. Snooze makes some great pancakes and I love the variety of flavors offered. On this occasion, I chose three I haven’t yet tried. My favorite of the bunch was the cinnamon roll. It actually didn’t look much like a cinnamon roll, but the inside is filled with pockets of cream cheese icing and the pancake itself had just the right amount of cinnamon spice.

This is a great choice to share with a group. If you do order it as your entree, I recommend getting a side of something savory or else it can get overwhelmingly sweet. Since I was sharing with Mr. K, I ate off of his plate to balance it out.

Caprese Benedict and Backyard Barbeque Benny

Mr. K loves the egg benedict dishes here. He likes to get half orders of two different ones to mix it up. He chose two we haven’t yet tried. These weren’t my favorite of the ones Snooze offers, but they were still tasty. The hash brown was even better than I remember. Next time I’ll have to order a hash centered dish.

We had a good meal here. The quality of the food and staff seemed on par with the Hillcrest location and the menu is the same as well.

Snooze Del Mar
3435 Del Mar Heights Rd
San Diego CA


6 comments on “Snooze Del Mar”

  1. Ooooh – I didn’t know that there was another Snooze location! Del Mar isn’t much closer than Hillcrest for me, but it’s good they have two locations in SD.

    • I’m hoping the Del Mar location may be a little easier to get a table at. It’s in the Del Mar Highlands Center, so the parking situation is much better and it’s not such a congested food spot, so hopefully the wait won’t be as long.

  2. I tried the one in Hillcrest on a weekday off (Still a 45 minute wait) and thought the food was just OK. If I’m going to Del Mar I’m going to Milton’s. If I’m going for pancakes, I’m going to Aunt Emma’s in National City.

    • Oh that’s too bad you didn’t love your experience. I really enjoy the hash brown and pancakes here and my husband loves the eggs benedict.

  3. Oh cool, I’m glad they opened up a new location. We hardly ever go to Snooze since I hate the wait. I just go next door to D Bar instead in Hillcrest – but those pancake flights are not to be missed!

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