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Snooze (La Jolla)

Snooze an AM eatery, a popular brunch restaurant chain originally from Denver, recently opened their third location in San Diego, located inside The Shops at La Jolla Village plaza.
photo of pancakes served at Snooze

The restaurant officially opens on Wednesday, August 30. We visited during their soft opening, which started on Saturday August 26 and runs through Monday August 28. The soft opening is open to the public by reservation through their website. Food is complementary during the soft opening and they encourage donations to the featured local charity (each day has a different designated charity).
photo of the outside of Snooze

This is my favorite way for restaurants to handle soft openings. It gives the staff a chance to work out the kinks and customers are less likely to get angry over long waits and mistakes when their food is complimentary. And a lot of money is raised for charity.

We’ve been to the Hillcrest and Del Mar locations several times before, so we are familiar with Snooze. The La Jolla Village location is a little smaller, but it boasts the same bright colors and decor and you’re greeted with a very energetic staff.

Pancakes flight: Cookie dough, Cinnamon Roll, Blackberry SubLIME
overhead photo of the pancake flight dish
Snooze is famous for their pancakes flight, which lets you choose three pancake flavors. I went with the pancake of the day (Cookie Dough), Cinnamon Roll, and Blackberry SubLIME (filled with white chocolate chips then topped with Key Lime Pie filling, graham cracker crumbles, plump blackberries, and mascarpone whip cream).

The pancakes here are fluffy and very sweet. I ordered a side of sausage links to help balance it out.

Benny Duo: Bella! Bella! Benny and Summer Harvest Benny
photo of Benny Duo: Bella! Bella! Benny and Summer Harvest Benny
We love that Snooze allows you to mix and match here. With the Benny Duo, you choose two half orders from the eggs benedict offerings. The Bella! Bella! is one of Mr. K’s favorites. Thin slices of prosciutto, Taleggio cheese, and poached eggs on toasted ciabatta, topped with cream cheese hollandaise, balsamic glaze and arugula.
close-up photo of Benny Duo: Bella! Bella!
The Summer Harvest is new to us. Parmesan pesto quinoa cakes with fresh Caprese salad topped with a poachedegg, cream cheese hollandaise, balsamic reduction and Parmesan crisps. My friend who ordered this said he really loved the quinoa cake. I’ll need to try this one next time.

All the eggs benedict dishes are served with their signature hash browns, which is one of my favorites. I love the presentation of the golden crispy shredded potato patty.

Snooze Spuds Deluxe
photo of Snooze Spuds Deluxe
Normally Mr. K chooses the eggs benedict, but on this occasion he decided to try something new. A heaping portion of hash browns, covered with melted cheddar & jack cheese, scallions plus choice of two fillings (he chose caramelized onions and mushrooms), and two eggs.

This really was a thick mound of shredded potatoes. Mr. K enjoyed it but had a hard time finishing it.

Overall, we had a good brunch here. We thought the quality was consistent with the other Snooze locations in San Diego and the staff was extremely friendly and upbeat. The food was a little slow coming out but that is to be expected since it was soft opening. There are not that many brunch spots available in this part of La Jolla so it is nice to see a dedicated brunch restaurant open and I’m sure it will be very popular. I’m a little envious of the UCSD students because there definitely wasn’t an option like this when I was at UCSD.

Snooze an AM eatery
8861 Villa La Jolla Dr, La Jolla, CA 92037

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