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Square Bar Cafe

photo of the outside of Square Bar CafeSquare Bar Cafe opened this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve shared my obsession with the creative and picture-worthy desserts that have popped up in Orange County and Los Angeles and was wondering when San Diego would have one of its own– and now it finally does. The cafe offers a variety of trendy drinks and desserts including crepe cakes, cereal coated ice cream cones, ice cream macaron sandwiches and more. The walls are also decorated with fun murals and phrases, all perfect for taking photos in front of.
phoo of the wall art in Square Bar Cafe
When I found out about its grand opening on Saturday, I knew I had to set aside some time to visit. But then they announced a soft opening earlier in the week and of course I couldn’t wait until the weekend. We visited during the soft opening and again during the grand opening. I’m pretty sure we’ll be frequent customers this summer.
photo of the menuphoto of the different waffle cones in a display case

Blueberry Macaron with Pistachio Ice Cream, topped with Cookie Crisp cereal
photo of Blueberry Macaron with Pistachio Ice Cream, topped with Cookie Crisp cereal
We’ve eaten a lot of macaron sandwiches, but for some reason adding the Cookie Crisp cereal just makes these sandwiches so much more adorable. They offer a variety of macarons and ice cream flavors to choose from and you can add a cereal topping for a little bit extra.

Cookie Crisp waffle cone, strawberry and pistachio ice cream, fruity pebbles topping
photo of Cookie Crisp waffle cone, strawberry and pistachio ice cream, fruity pebbles topping
The cereal coated waffle cones are also quite creative. They offer several fun cereal ones, using a marshmallow cream to get the cereal to stick to the cones. I got Cookie Crisp again because it’s the one cereal I haven’t seen offered as often. I feel like I’ve already done Fruit Loops and Fruity Pebbles too many times. We really enjoyed the ice creams offered here.

Matcha Crepe Cake
photo of a slice of Matcha Crepe Cake
I’ve been wanting to try other versions of crepe cakes after being disappointed with the one I had at Lady M. This one was quite good. The layers held up together well and the cream filling was light and not greasy.

Strawberry Hibiscus, Green Envy
photo of Strawberry Hibiscus and Green Envy bottled drinks
We also got tried out two drinks. They come in regular clear plastic containers, or you can upgrade to a glass bottle for $1.50 extra. I really love how the drinks look in the glass bottles and I’m really enjoying these wings. They have so much detail in them, including pandas!
close up photo of bottled Green Envy drink
I love green tea drinks so I was happy to see them offer the green thai tea. It was so pretty as I started to shake and mix the layers. I often find green tea mixed drinks to be too sweet, but this one was just right for me. Mr. K really enjoyed his hibiscus which he found light and refreshing.
photo of the art decor
Overall, we enjoyed out visits to Square Bar Cafe and can’t wait to come back again. Things were pretty busy when we went during the Grand Opening, but the line moved fast and our orders came quickly. I’m so excited something like this has opened in San Diego.

Square Bar Cafe
4488 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111

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4 comments on “Square Bar Cafe”

  1. Great post! TC totally wants to go here! One of her friends was just there and he really liked it, especially the drinks. Everything looks so good but so cavity inducing, ha ha.  As for the location, isn’t this pretty close to Char House?  Skewers for lunch or dinner and macaron ice cream sandwiches (or crepe cake) for dessert next time for me, Bert and TC. 😀

    • yes, very close to Char House! I liked the food a little more than the drinks, but then I’d rather eat than drink calories most of the time

  2. Hi, Jen. I enjoy reading your reviews and have a suggestion. Could you put the location at the post’s beginning and not just the end? For example, I like to know if it’s a restaurant in OC or LA right away, as I rarely go there. Many of your posts don’t “reveal” the location until well into it or at the end. Thanks.

    • Hi Marlene. Thank you for your suggestion. I try my best to reveal exactly where the restaurant is within the first few sentences of the post when I am describing the restaurant. For instance, this one states this restaurant is in San Diego in the second sentence of the post. Other times I’ll say something along the lines of “this chain has several locations in LA,” or “on a recent roadtrip to the OC we went to,” etc. Also, if you are reading on a desktop, it shows the tags for the post and this one is tagged San Diego.
      Unfortunately, placing the address at the beginning of the post is not something I want to do. Search engines grab a snippet of the first few sentences of a post, so it doesn’t work as well if your first few sentences is an address. Similar, I share my posts on zomato and other restaurant review websites, which also automatically grab the first few sentences of a post.