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I know my Sultan posts haven’t generated too much interest on the blog, but I really enjoy it and frequent often after first discovering it from mmm-yoso. I love introducing friends to the place and everyone I’ve brought seems to genuinely enjoy it even if they didn’t think they had a taste for Turkish food.

Recently, FH and I ate there with CC from Pink Candles of Ridgemont High and Dennis of A Radiused Corner. We ordered quite a few dishes that everyone enjoyed and our total bill was about $35 if I remember correctly.

I’ve tried a lot of their menu and continue to like almost everything I order. In particular, I always want to order the appetizers/salads which are accompanied with a delicious puffy lavas bread.

Eggplant salad

This was my first time trying this and I really enjoyed the taste of the roasted eggplant puree. You can choose between a small or large order and we chose small but still got a full plate.

Antepezme (onion, hot pepper, tomato, chili powder)

This is probably my favorite of the appetizer selections.

Borek with spinach and cheese

Lots of flaky layers and it was accompanied with a yogurt sauce.

Usually we are served lavas bread with the appetizers and again with the main entrees. For some reason we only got one this time which is too bad because everyone loved it.

Adana Kebab

This is supposed to be spicy but I didn’t really taste the heat. Still well flavored ground beef though.

Karisik pide

Pide is turkish style flat bread pizza.  Sultan offers four varieties, with karisik being a combination one, offering a few pieces of each of the other three topping choices (cheese, ground beef, beef cubes).

We had a great meal as always. Afterwards, we picked up some baklava to go which did not make it for pictures. You can read CC’s account of our meal here.

You can read my previous Sultan posts here and here.

Sultan Restaurant & Baklava
131 Jamacha Rd
El Cajon, CA 92019
(619) 440-1901

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14 comments on “Sultan”

  1. For those that want to give it a try without the drive, the owner still has a stand at the Hillcrest Farmers Market. The menu is very limited. Look for the Turkish food stand.

  2. This was a fun day! I can’t wait to go back here and take my friends. Hope you and FH are doing well!

  3. hi kirbie – that was a great lunch! loved everything that we had, especially that antepezme and eggplant. next time i go, i’ll be sure to ask for more bread (if necessary)…

  4. Funny we haven’t run into you there since we go about every other week Kirbie!

    • Wow, we don’t go nearly as often as you. I think we don’t run into each other mainly because Fh and I tend to eat at odd hours on weekends.

  5. Just curious, what made you think there wasn’t much interest in this restaurant in your blog? I love reading your posts on their food here and had already marked it down as one of the places to try. The food looks so delicious!

    • Just looking at how many people view the posts, the Sultan ones I previously did didn’t seem to get much interest. But I’m glad to hear you are interested!

  6. I would be more interested if it were close enough for me to easily go to. 🙁 But I still enjoy your posts about Sultan! It’s cool to see what they have to offer. Maybe one day I’ll drive 30 minutes to try their food. :p

    • It’s about a 20-25 min drive for me and I live pretty close to campus. It is a little fat, but I think it’s worth the drive. Maybe go with a bunch of friends and bring back a lot of leftovers. =)

  7. That looks amazing. I’m a huge eggplant dip lover and their version looks really good. I just checked out their menu and they seem quite affordable. How do you think their take out would be? Or is it better to eat there? Just kind of a long drive…

    • It is a long drive but we really like the food. I’ve never done take out so I’m not sure how it will be. I think it should still taste good though. The prices are very reasonable and the quantities are really big.