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Cookies and Cream Cake

This cookies and cream cake is made with crushed Oreos. When you slice into the cake you can see the crushed cookies which is a nice contrast to the fluffy and soft cake.

photo of a slice of Oreo Cookies and Cream Cake on a plate

I don’t know what it is about Oreos, but I can’t resist crushing them up and using them in cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, and mug cakes. I don’t really enjoy just eating them as they are, but I love to use them in recipes and today I have a cookies and cream cake to share.

The cake is light and fluffy with chunks of Oreo cookies throughout. I baked it in a bundt pan and I love how you can see the pieces of cookies in the cake when you slice it.

photo of a whole Oreo Cookies and Cream Cake

Ingredients for the Cake

  • All-purpose flour
  • Baking powder
  • Salt
  • Unsalted butter
  • Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Crushed Oreos

How to Make the Cake

  • Mix the flour, baking powder, and salt together in a bowl. In a stand mixer, cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.
  • Add the eggs to the butter mixture one at a time. Only add the next egg once the first one has been mixed into the butter.
  • Add half of the flour mixture to the eggs and butter. Add half of the milk and mix to combine. Add the rest of the flour and milk and mix until the batter is smooth.
  • Stir in the crushed cookies and then pour the batter in a prepared bundt pan. Bake the cake for 50 to 55 minutes at 350°F.

close-up photo of the cake with a slice removed

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photo of a slice of cake

Oreo Cake

Servings: 10
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 55 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 5 minutes
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
The cake is light and fluffy with chunks of Oreo cookies throughout.


  • 2 3/4 cups all purpose flour
  • 2 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 cup unsalted butter softened
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 4 large eggs at room temperature
  • 1 cup milk
  • 12 oreos crushed into small pieces


  • Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray bundt pan with Pam Spray with flour.
  • In a small bowl, combine the flour, baking powder and salt.
  • In a large bowl, on the medium speed of an electric mixer, cream the butter until smooth. Add the sugar gradually and beat until fluffy, about 3 minutes. Add the eggs, 1 at a time, beating well after each addition. Add half the flour mixture and half the milk and mix. Add in remaining flour mixture and milk and mix until batter is smooth. Mix in crushed Oreos.
  • Bake for approximately 50-55 minutes until toothpick inserted comes out clean. Cool the cake completely and dust with powdered sugar before serving.

The nutrition information provided are only estimates based on an online nutritional calculator. I am not a certified nutritionist. Please consult a professional nutritionist or doctor for accurate information and any dietary restrictions and concerns you may have.

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13 comments on “Cookies and Cream Cake”

  1. This recipe is genius! The cake is currently in the oven, and I think I’m going to make a Nutella sauce to drizzle on top. Hope it turns out good! Thanks for the recipe! 🙂

  2. I’ve been totally obsessed with bundt cakes lately and this one looks like a total winner!

  3. Awww, I didn’t know you were still looking for the birthday cake oreos!! I hope you’ve found them at the other CVS… the stock of the CVS near Whole Foods seems to fluctuate. 🙁

    • I’m going to check out the other CVS. but yeah, I tried the one near Whole Foods and no luck. Also tried Vons and no luck. It’s also annoying that they put 100th birthday on all the new packaging, even the regular oreos, making the limited edition ones even harder to spot.

  4. I have a lot of Oreos at home so this recipe would be perfect!

    I had a hard time finding the Birthday Cake Oreos too, do you have Giant supermarkets or an affiliate? I could only find them in Giants around here.

  5. Ahhh I want to eat this cake already!!
    May I ask what’s the size of the bundt cake pan you used?

  6. I saw the birthday oreos at Ralph’s, but I forgot which location.

  7. I actually saw those last night at the CVS behind the UTC mall (not the Whole Foods one, the one in the same complex as JK Burgers, Star Anise).