Sushi Go 55

This is another sushi post that has been sitting in my queue for a while now and I need to write about it before I forget everything.

Last month, Future Husband (FH) and I went to the Little Tokyo area in Los Angeles over the long weekend. I love visiting the mochi stores, sanrio stores, and other cute shops. And of course, I love eating there. We previously had a good sushi dinner at Sushi Go 55, and ever since, I’ve been wanting to revisit and sit at the bar.

The sushi bar was fairly empty when we arrived. There are two sushi chefs. The one we were seated in front of spoke very limited English. Actually, the phrases he spoke were very understandable, but it was almost impossible to actually communicate with him. It appears he just memorized the common phrases he would need while working there, but doesn’t actually speak much English.

Since we rely heavily on chef recommendations when sitting at the sushi bar, this made things a little frustrating.

Both sushi chefs worked quite fast and I was impressed with how quickly we got our food. There were white boards on the wall, with the specials of the day and the prices.

We started off with abalone

Normally one of my favorites. The version here wasn’t the best I had but it wa fresh.

Giant clam

Amber jack

Red snapper. Pardon the glare of the picture.

Spanish mackerel


This was really disappointing. The scallop was very fresh, but there were only two pieces for $18. That’s $9 a bite…At Sushi Kaito, our live scallop experience is always cheaper and comes with a lot more, including several sliced raw pieces and some cooked ones.

Albacore Belly

Blue Fin Tuna Toro

Normally one of our favorite cuts as toro tends to melt in your mouth. But we weren’t very impressed with this.

Scorpion Fish

The name was intriguing and I liked that the rice was flavored. Another problem we had was that we wanted more types of sushi where the chef already preflavored the rice. While we got it on a few pieces of fish, many of them we had to dip in soy sauce which really isn’t as enjoyable once you’ve eaten sushi rice flavored by the chef with ponzu, citrus, lime or whatever other things they add. We attempted to find more sushi that had the preflavored rice but couldn’t get over the communication barrier.


Grilled eel.

There were a ton of tiny bones in here and while I know you can eat the small bones, there were just so many that it made eating this quite uncomfortable for me.

At the end of our meal, we were given complimentary ice cream. They offer green tea and red bean; we both chose green tea.

The service was as friendly as ever. Our tea cups were constantly refilled and the servers were always polite before reaching over to collect our plates or pour more tea. The host at the door was super friendly as well.

We did leave the meal pretty disappointed though. We felt it was overpriced and not that great. We previously loved the sushi combos from the menu so next time we will stick to those and not sit at the bar.

Sushi Go 55
333 S. Alameda Street, Suite 317
Los Angeles, CA.
(213) 687-0777


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