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Sushi Tadokoro

As I previously mentioned, my friend from Pittsburgh was visiting last week. On his final night in San Diego, he requested sushi. So we decided to take him to what has recently become one of our favorite sushi bars in San Diego, Sushi Tadokoro.

We have enjoyed our last few experiences at Sushi Tadokoro. The selection is a little small, but the quality of fish is very fresh, the prices are on the low side for a sushi bar experience, and the sushi chefs are quite skilled.

Cured Halibut

This was a great way to start the meal. I love that they brushed sauce on the fish and no soy sauce was required. The rice to fish ratio was just right and we really enjoyed watching the precision and process as the sushi chef made each piece of nigiri.


Similar to red snapper, this was our first time trying this. It was a little too fishy tasting for me but DH enjoyed it. The chef took his time on this one, adding just a drop of lemon and grating salt from a salt block for the finish.


This was one of my favorites of of the night. After we ordered it, the chef sliced the red jewel colored flesh and then put the slices in a small container of marinade, where they soaked for a few minutes before he worked with the fish again.


We went our separate ways in this course. DH choosing one of his favorites, the kohada.

Live shrimp

For the shrimp head, there was a choice of deep fried or miso soup. My friend chose the deep fried version. This was his first experience with live shrimp and he really enjoyed it.

Geoduck clam

I chose the geoduck clam, normally one of my favorites. I didn’t particularly love the version here. It was okay, but not particularly memorable and a little on the expensive side at $6 per piece.

Rainbow roll

The guys decided to split a rainbow roll while I pretended not to know them. I was squirming in my seat when the Head Sushi Chef, Take-san, asked our chef what he was making and after the chef replied with rainbow roll, Take-san repeated “rainbow roll?!”

Monkfish liver

While they ate their rainbow roll, I ordered the monkfish liver, which is made in house. I really love how they prepare it. It’s one of my favorite things to get here.

Kanpachi sashimi

Kanpachi is one of my sushi fishes. The thick slices were fresh and left unadorned. Normally I prefer sashimi over nigiri as I don’t like all the rice. But I have to say, I actually prefer getting nigiri at Sushi Tadokoro as it shows their skills with the rice and fish.

Aji Sashimi

I loved the presentation of this one, showcasing the entire fish, even the bare skeleton. After we finished the slices of aji, they deep fried the fish bones for us.


No meal for DH is complete without th fatty tuna belly. We loved how it melts on your tongue.


My sushi dinners always end with uni. I love the briny sea urchin and the creamy subtle sweetness. This was the only thing my friend did not enjoy. He didn’t care for the texture.

We had a great time here, as always. It’s a small place so I recommend making reservations and also coming early as they tend to run out of items later into the evening. You can read my first visit here.

Sushi Tadokoro
2244 San Diego Ave
Ste C
San Diego, CA 92110
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10 comments on “Sushi Tadokoro”

  1. Hey Kirbie….this just reminds me that we haven’t been back here in two weeks. I think the ankimo here is probably among the best in San Diego. We always kid Take about using that block of Himalayan salt. He told us his wife bought that for him so he has to use it or else.

  2. I was there again the other night as well, I always always love the uni here. I was with my wife who told the chef that she wasn’t a fan of roe or liver. He said, “Here, you will be.” and promptly made some for us… (I’m also not a big fan of oysters, but I eat them.)

    Oh man, the full oyster, the codfish liver, and the roe were some of the best things I’ve ever eaten. You should get those next time you’re there 😉

    • Thanks for the recs! We tried to be a little on the tamer side since our friend hadn’t experienced a lot of the items before. But I am definitely up for trying codfish liver.

  3. Aji Sashimi was only $15? For that entire plate? That seems like a steal! Is it a live fish ? I need to muster up the courage to try the monk fish liver. Maybe this will be the place to do it.

  4. Ooh yum! This place looks v. solid for great sushi!

  5. I had omakase at Sushi Todokoro last week. My first time to visit the place and I loved it. The monkfish liver and the toro were unbelievable. I am craving for them as I write this.

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