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Tajima 2

4411 Mercury Street
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 278-5367

I've passed by Tajima 2 many times but hadn't yet tried it. I liked the idea that it has a big menu of sushi and tapas-type dishes. I've been a bit lethargic lately and haven't had much motivation to dine out. I forced myself to go out and finally check out Tajima 2.

The menu is quite extensive and can be found on its website. The original Tajima is a small shop that specializes in ramen. This second location is much bigger, and has a larger menu. I really liked the decor of the inside, with the big open spaces and the bamboo dividers.

There was so many items that sounded appetizing that we found it really hard to choose just a few. I chose a uni and clam risotto because I love uni and I love risotto and I've never seen the combination together offered on a menu.

They were out of clams that night but they replaced them with shrimp. The risotto had a lot of flavor, but was slightly too salty for me. I couldn't taste the uni at all because of the strong flavoring used. While it tasted okay, it didn't really taste like risotto. I don't think the rice was risotto rice, but instead was regular asian rice.  BF really enjoyed the dish though.

I also chose a Yakisoba omelet because it sounded really cool. What came out was a gigantic omelet, topped with bonito flakes. I always get a kick of how the bonito flakes wave in the air when sprinkled on top of warm food.

The omelete ended up being a thin layer of egg, wrapping a dish of yakisoba. Like a yakisoba burrito. I think it ended up tasting less cool than it sounded. I've always found yakisoba to be a bit too salty for me, so I found this version equally salty. BF didn't seem to mind the salt. He ate most of this dish.

BF chose a tuna tataki, which is tuna sashimi in ponzu sauce. I thought the tuna was just average quality.

BF also chose a Menchi Katsu, which is breaded deep fried japanese meatloaf.

I enjoyed this the most out of what we had ordered. The meatloaf was surprisingly moist and tender and the fried breading wasn't too oily or overwhelming.

Overall, I wasn't too impressed with my first trip. I would go again to try some other items, as the menu is so extensive. I found most of the food to be a little too salty for me though.

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  1. Hi Kirbie the risotto looks kinda dry! Looks more like a pilaf. I had the uni spaghetti here and noticed they seeve and blend the uni with the cream and the flavor is very subtle. I always enjoyed their yakisoba but yeah in the omelet version the generous mayo and okonomi sauce can be a little too much sometimes even for me. 😉

  2. I’m not the biggest fan of Tajima but that meatloaf looks interesting.

  3. I saw the uni spaghetti and almost ordered that, but then I saw the risotto. What are your fav items here?

  4. I didn’t think I would like the meatloaf, but it was pretty tasty. But overall, I wasn’t a fan of this place.

  5. I’ve tried this place a few times and always get suckered by their menu (b/c of the pictures!). Not sure why, but their food always disappoints. Especially their sushi/sashimi.
    Hope you have better luck on your next visit!

  6. Hey Kirbie – I’m not a big fan of Tajima. I think of them as being not a good value, and they really miss on most of their dishes.

  7. yes, all the menu pics do look appetizing! Good to know that their sashimi isn’t great. I’ll stay away.

  8. I’m glad to hear others feeling the same way as me. I really wasn’t very impressed but I was trying to be a little less harsh and judgmental. Siblings have been complaining that I’m too picky and harsh with my food place standards.

  9. Oh yum! Looks like some delicious food!

  10. I’ve only been to the other Tajima for ramen. I was curious about this location but it’s nice to know that I didn’t miss out on much…

  11. I used to like their nabeyakiudon but my issue with Tajima 1 or 2 has been more about consistency. Typical problems when you have a huge izakaya menu like them. Having said that I’d way rather spend the extra few bucks to visit Tajima then my other options like say Chopstix or worse Niban..

  12. The dishes were a bit hit and miss but they do have a huge variety to choose from.

  13. Yeah, I’ve been to the other one for ramen too, but it was a long time ago. I don’t think you are missing out on much.

  14. Egh Niban..I haven’t been there since I was a starving college student, and even then I couldn’t seem to bring myself to finish the food I ate there.

  15. this was the first ramen place (#1 that is) that i ever had and i really liked their miso ramen. i never really ventured outside the ramen tho. even though you didn’t have a good experience, the pics look pretty darn good to me. i’m havent’ had dinner yet though =) what’s your favorite ramen place in sd?

  16. Tajima 1 was also my first japanese ramen spot too. I don’t really remember much other than being surprised that it was salty (I think I had the shio), happy the place was open late, and hating the parking lot.
    I think my fav japanese ramen place in SD is Yakitori Yakyudori & Ramen. But in general, I’m not that happy with the selection of offerings in SD. Seems like so many more in LA and in the Bay.

  17. I’ve heard the saltiness complaint from several folks I know as well.

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