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The Cravory Carlsbad

photo of the outside of The Cravory Carlsbad
The Cravory recently opened a second store, located in Carlsbad. This new store has a much larger space and in addition to their signature cookies, they also offer espresso coffee drinks, flavored milks and have several dining tables.

We are frequent visitors of their cozy Point Loma location, so I was excited by the prospect of a store with more space. We were invited in last month to get a tour of the new store and try some cookies and coffee.

I love how bright and clean this store feels. With this new store, they also debuted new boxes for the cookies, complete with an easy-to-carry handle.
photo of the desserts display The Cravory Carlsbad
There is a huge display case of all the cookie flavors offered on the day of your visit, which include their signature flavors and monthly specials.
photo of the desserts display at The Cravory Cookies Carlsbad
The coffee they serve uses beans from local roaster (and one of my favorites) James Coffee Co.
Photo of the coffee machine
How fun is this hopscotch board leading to the bathroom?
photo of the hopscotch at The Cravory Cookies Carlsbad
I need this wallpaper!
photo of the wallpaper

In addition to getting an espresso, I also tried their Nutella milk. It’s hard to go wrong with Nutella!
photo of nutella milk

We ended up getting an assorted dozen, choosing a lot of their October flavors and some of our favorite signature cookie flavors.
photo of a box of cookies at The Cravory Cookies Carlsbad
If you’re curious about a certain flavor, they are always really generous with samples to let you try before you choose what cookies to buy. Some of my favorites are the chocolate truffle, taro, and almond joyous.
photo of different cookies
Overall, we are so happy that there is now a second location. I’ve always enjoyed the cookies here and it’s my go-to spot when I need to buy cookies for an event or a gift. I love how much bigger this new location is, so that customers can hang out and enjoy their cookies in the store.

As discussed above, we were invited in and our cookies and drinks were complimentary. All opinions expressed remain my own.

The Cravory Carlsbad
2675 Gateway Rd #103, Carlsbad, CA 92009

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  1. They all look so delicious.

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