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The Elegant Truffle

Last month, fellow food blogger CC texted me a photo of her treats from The Elegant Truffle. I immediately put it on my priority to-do list.

Located in Point Loma, this small artisan chocolatier and bakery is one of the friendliest dessert places I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. Upon entering, we were immediately offered a piece of caramel to munch on as we perused the dessert offerings.

The store front is quite small, but they offer a variety of freshly baked cakes each day as well as the chocolate truffles of their namesake. I liked how we could openly watch the cake decorating happening.

For each cake that we expressed interest in purchasing, we were provided with a generous sliver of the cake to try, a gesture I’ve rarely experienced. Of course, trying each sliver of cake just made us want to buy them all.

In the end, we settled on three slices of cake as well as some of the truffles. There’s no seating at the store, so we took our treats home to eat.

Oh My God Cake

The name was given by customers. This is an intensely rich chocolate cake made up of a chocolate cheesecake with an oreo cookie crust and topped with chocolate ganache. This is one of their most popular items and if you like chocolate, definitely give it a try.

Coconut Cake

This was DH’s favorite. Lots of flaky coconut on top of a very moist coconut cake. It was more of a cross between a custard pie and a cake, but it was still really good.

Pumpkin Amaretto Cheesecake

An adult twist on the traditional pumpkin cheesecake, we enjoyed this one as well.

Dark chocolate and Bailey’s truffles

There are quite a few truffle flavors to choose from but we chose these two. While we liked both truffles, we also thought that the $4 per truffle price was a little high and that the truffles didn’t particularly stand out. We both preferred the cakes over the truffles.

We had a good time here and enjoyed our cakes and the friendly employees. We’ll definitely visit this shop again to pick up treats for ourselves and for our friends and family.

The Elegant Truffle
1111 Scott Street
Point Loma, CA 92106
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4 comments on “The Elegant Truffle”

  1. They really are generous with their samples there. We really liked t heir dark chocolate covered caramel with sea salt.

  2. We love The Elegant Truffle! The OMG cake is Hubby’s favorite. I also like the caramel chocolate squares ($4 each is a little pricey though) I’d like to try the pumpkin cheesecake.

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