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The Forum Coffee House

The Forum Coffee House is a coffee shop serving creative coffee and tea drinks and sweet and savory toasts.
overhead photo of different drinks from The Forum Coffee House

I first heard about The Forum Coffee House from my friend “CC” of Pink Candles at Ridgemont High. I was immediately drawn to the colorful drinks she ordered and put the cafe on my list of places to check out.
photo of the outside of The Forum Coffee House
The spacious cafe has plenty of seating and a relaxing quiet atmosphere. The selection of coffee and tea drinks is quite large with many unique and creative flavors.
photo of the decor inside The Forum Coffee House
We had actually already had coffee earlier that morning, so we decided to try the tea drinks instead and a few toasts.

Captcha | The Dreamer | Clickbait | Double Post
overhead photo of a Captcha, The Dreamer, Clickbait, and Double Post coffee drinks
Captcha is the lone hot drink we ordered, a matcha green tea with milk. It tasted fine and I enjoyed the strong matcha flavor. I was slightly disappointed that there wasn’t any latte art.
photo of three coffee drinks lined up
The Double Post is a rose earl grey latte with a shot of matcha, resulting in three distinctive layers. It was quite beautiful and you could definitely taste the rose, earl grey tea and matcha.

The Dreamer is a cold brew house blend chai latte. The spices were quite strong- a little too much for my personal preference but it was such a beautiful and dreamy looking drink.

Clickbait is a lavender infused earl grey tea with house berry sauce. It was a lovely shade of purple and a good balance of lavender, earl grey and berry flavors.

Digital Detox
photo of Digital Detox dish
This is their version of avocado toast. You can choose from four different breads and we chose brioche. I was a little surprised at how thick the brioche was sliced. While I do enjoy a good fluffy slice of brioche, it did make this toast very hard to eat.

Zen Garden
overhead photo of Zen Garden
This sweet toast was served on a similar thick slice of brioche. While I enjoyed the bread, I did feel like the mascarpone was a little too sweet and the mounds of whipped cream weren’t really needed.

Overall, I thought the service and atmosphere was friendly and inviting. I like the unique drink offerings and while they weren’t all to my personal preference, I thought that they were well balanced and tasted as described. I do want to come back and try more of their drinks, especially their coffee ones.

photo of the first part of the menu at The Forum Coffee House
second part of the menu at The Forum Coffee House
The Forum Coffee House
4340 Genesee Ave #110, San Diego, CA 92117

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  1. Their coffee drinks are really good. They have a cool variety of coffee and tea drinks here, which I need to explore. Great post!