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The Good Stuff Cookie Co.

photo of the outside of The Good Stuff Cookie Co.

The Good Stuff Cookie Co. specializes in stuffed cookies. The small shop has some fun decor and shares a space with apparel boutique 5 & A Dime.
photo of a stack of cookies
Upon entering, you won’t see any cookies on display. The cookies are kept in the fridge because of the perishable fillings. Since it was our first time here, the person managing the store was more than happy to give us a few sample bites to try out.
photo of the decor inside The Good Stuff Cookie Co.
There were seven flavors on the day we visited (six listed plus a few left of the s’more flavor) and we ended up buying a half dozen cookies for $12. The cookies come with a mason jar, which if you bring back later for a refill, your half dozen will only cost you $10.
photo of the menu
The cookies were quite a bit thinner than I expected and each of them had a similar soft and very moist texture. Some fillings seemed better for stuffing than others. For example, the snickerdoodle was stuffed with cheesecake filling and once cut open, it had a great cookie to filling ratio. The S’more ones, I think some of the marshmallow filling disappeared during baking into the cookie because it was hard to distinguish.
photo of a jar with cookies
overhead photo of cookies
Of the three flavors we got, my favorite was the snickerdoodle, which tasted like a cinnamon cheesecake cookie. The cookies are very rich and I found myself needing a big glass of milk.
close-up photo of a stack of cookies
Overall, we had a fun time trying the cookies here. As a personal preference, I like my cookies to be a little firmer and thicker, but if you love soft, moist cookies, then these are definitely worth a try.

The Good Stuff Cookie Co.
828 G st.
San Diego, CA 92101

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