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The Kebab Shop

We used to visit the Kebab Shop a few times a year when we were in the mood for a quick dönor kebab. The portions are generous and the side dishes are pretty good. It’s been over a year since our last visit, even though there is one right next to H-Mart. We recently visited again after Mr. K’s brother requested something “with meat and salty.”

Moroccan Shrimp Plate with tabouli and golden fries

The tabouli and golden fries are two of my favorite side dishes here. They gave a good amount of both and the grilled shrimp were flavorful and not too dry.

Mixed Meat Dönor Kebab

It’s after this entree that things started to go downhill. The staff said they were having “issues with their beef.” As a result, the rest of our entrees took a really, really long time.

Once they did come out, they looked dry and overcooked.

Beef Köfte plate with Algerian Eggplant and golden fries

The beef looked and tasted dry. It was also quite spicy and salty. My favorite part of this plate were the sides. I really love the eggplant which was lightly seasoned and tasted light and refreshing. The fries were golden and crunchy.

Lamb/beef plate with tabouli and golden fries

The lamb came out quite dry. I did enjoy my sides though.

Some photos of the interior:

Overall, we left a bit disappointed. I don’t know if they were having an off day or if this location has gone downhill. While the food here had never been stellar, it used to be a pretty good place for a quick bite. The side dishes were as I remembered, but the beef and lamb were too dry and the food took far too long to arrive. At the very least, I think they should have come over and said something. We had to inquire what was going on before they told us what had happened.

The Kebab Shop
9450 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92126


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5 comments on “The Kebab Shop”

  1. Hey!  We were down in San Diego back in February for an Ice Hockey Tournament at the rink around the corner from this place, so we had lunch there.  We were disappointed.  The service was lacking and the food was dry.  We had high hopes, but…

  2. They also have a location in Little Italy, which, to me, seemed a little better than the one by HMart. My guess would be they have higher food turnover, since they’re busier. 

    • Oh I’ve been to that one too! Though not for a long time, so I was actually thinking of revisiting to see if that one is still good.

    • Oh I’ve been to that one too! Though not for a long time, so I was actually thinking of revisiting to see if that one is still good.

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