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The Milk Bar

photo of the outside of The Milk Bar

The Milk Bar, serving cookies, infused milks and beers, recently soft opened in San Diego and I couldn’t resist checking it out right away. It’s the newest project by the owners of Streetcar Merchants of Fried Chicken, Doughnuts & Coffee and located adjacent to Streetcar.
photo of the wall decor inside The Milk Bar
The little shop offers several gigantic, fresh baked cookies daily.

They have a fridge full of dozens of craft beers and infused milks (blueberry, strawberry, banana, chocolate almond, Nutella, cookies & cream, coffee, brown sugar vanilla, peanut butter chocolate, fruit loops, frosted flakes, fruity pebbles, cap’n crunch berries and more).
photo of infused milk drinksphoto of bottles of craft beer

And they have several milk stouts on tap!
photo collage of the milk stouts
I was very curious to try the milk stouts, but we didn’t have too much time to linger, so we’ll have to come back some other time for that.

As soon as I entered the store, I made a beeline for the cookies. The cookies here are bigger than my face!
photo of the cookie display

We ended up taking home a few cookies and infused milks.

Cookies & Cream
photo of a cookies and cream cookie
The cookie had a chewy texture, which I enjoyed. As a personal preference, I could have done without all the white chocolate which were quite hard against the soft texture of the cookies. I thought the cookie tasted fine and fresh baked, but not quite anything to get that excited about. However, priced at $3, it wasn’t bad.

Chocolate Crinkle
photo of a chocolate crinkle cookie
I preferred the chocolate crinkle, mainly because I was able to enjoy the soft and chewy texture without hard chocolate chips. The cookie didn’t have the intense chocolate flavor I usually get in chocolate crinkle cookies, but it was still a decent cookie.

For our milks, we chose Nutella and Cookies & Cream.
photo of a bottle of nutella milk and a bottle of cookies and cream milk
I was worried the Cookies & Cream would be too sweet, but it actually wasn’t. It tasted like the milk you have leftover after you’ve dunked Oreos in it. The lack of sweetness was welcome because it paired better with the cookies.

The Nutella milk tasted like Nutella chocolate milk. I enjoyed it on its own but found it too sweet to eat with the cookies.

overhead photo of cookies and a bottle of milk
Overall, we had a fun first visit here. I’d love to come back to check out other cookie flavors, milk stouts and milks. It’s a nice spot to pick up some snacks after a meal at Streetcar, or for when you’re in the mood for some milk and cookies.

The Milk Bar
2940 Lincoln Ave 92104

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3 comments on “The Milk Bar”

  1. I like the wall with Billy Idol (I didn’t recognize the last guy).  The cookies are huge; I wouldn’t mind trying one of those. As for the milks, my daughter would enjoy those flavors. Lots of choices they have.

    • Stanley Kubrick! I didn’t recognize him either, but I looked up the quote. I don’t know if you can read it from the photo, but for each person they take one of their famous quotes and change it up to add milk

      • Thanks for letting me know.I was thinking it was Salman Rushdie but why would he be on a wall at a place like this, haha. I didn’t even notice the quotes. I’ll have to see closeup when I eventually visit.