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The Secret Cookie Service Stand

It’s been a while since I wrote about The Secret Cookie Service, a late night cookie delivery service in San Diego with “secret cookie service agents” dressed in suits and donning dark shades, delivering cookies to your door.

(As a reminder, I do know the owner on a personal level. This isn’t a “sponsored post” but I just wanted to give full disclosure. My original post can be found here.)

Since my posts two years ago, The Secret Cookie Service (“SCS”) has continued to expand. They are active across all the San Diego college campuses, they’ve been featured on the local news multiple times, and their cookies can be found at various local San Diego businesses. They offer dozens of cookie flavors and the team of delivery agents has greatly increased as well (I love that there are female agents too!).

Now, having conquered college campuses, the SCS is starting their next big venture: a physical cookie stand in Mission Beach, adding another option to the late-night eating scene. Whether you’re hungry after a day at the beach with your family and friends, or have the late-night munchies after a night out, the Secret Cookie Service Stand is available from 6pm until they sell out (usually around midnight) Thursdays through Saturdays.

Cookie samples are available for tasting and in addition to freshly baked cookies, they offer hand scooped giant ice cream sandwiches. The menu also includes coffee from Swell Cafe (voted Best Coffee by San Diego Magazine readers this year) and if you’re lucky, they occasionally have some special secret menu items like brownies.

We stopped by the new digs on a recent Friday evening. We shared a white chocolate cinnamon cookie with mocha almond fudge ice cream sandwich. The cookies baked for the ice cream sandwiches were about the size of my hand and much bigger than the normal cookies they offer.

The new Secret Cookie Service stand is located at 3833 Mission Blvd (sharing a space with Swell Cafe). At night, the stand is decorated with small LED lights, red bulbs, a mini disco ball and music.

You can find more information on their website.

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4 comments on “The Secret Cookie Service Stand”

  1. I’ve heard a lot about the secret cookie service but sadly they came to UCSD just after I had already graduated. I didn’t know they actually dressed all secret service-like haha

    • you don’t have to be a student to eat their cookies though! anyone can place an order. yeah the whole secret service theme is one of the things that makes them special.

  2. i haven’t commented here in a while but just the TITLE of this entry suckered me in! i just love the business name “secret cookie service”! i sooooo want to try that ice cream sandwich too. but the thing about cookies is that i always think… i could totally make them at home. and yes, i can, using one of kirby’s awesome recipes (or even with just a mug haha), but will i actually do it? hubby does buy cookies more often that i would. i think i will bake something this weekend right before my summer diet starts O_O

    • even though i bake all the time, i still find myself buying cookies! and it’s nice to be able to order these and have them deliver it to you, and you don’t need to worry about doing dishes, turning on the oven, etc.

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