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Trader Joe’s June Edition

For its June Fearless Flyer, Trader Joe’s went mango crazy, featuring dozens of mango flavored products.

I was super excited because I love mangoes and mango-flavored foods! Here are some of the items I ended up getting:

Mango & Cream Ice Cream
photo of a pint of Mango & Cream Ice Cream
This was the product I was most excited for and it didn’t disappoint. The ice cream is very creamy and the mango flavor tastes natural. The addition of the cream flavor makes it even more delightful. It’s hard to find a good mango ice cream. Most of the time it’s a sorbet and when I do find a mango ice cream it often tastes artificial. The only mango ice cream I usually get is Häagen-Dazs, but now I have a new favorite.
overhead photo of a scoop of Mango & Cream Ice Cream

Mango Mango Mochi
photo of a package of Mango Mango Mochi
This was the second item I was most excited about. Yes, mango flavored mochi already exists, but Trader Joe’s made theirs unique by adding a mango jam filling to the middle. I loved cutting these open and finding that jam center. The mochi themselves have a pretty cute shape too–they are a little rounder than most ice cream mochi.
overhead photo of the mochiclose-up photo of the mochi

Mikawaya Mango Mochi
overhead photo of a package of Mikawaya Mango Mochi
Mr. K couldn’t understand why I was so excited for the new mango mochi, so I also purchased the Mikawaya brand which happened to be placed next to the Trader Joe’s version in the freezer aisle. Mikawaya used to be my go-to ice cream mochi brand, until Whole Foods started carrying Bubbies. (I love Bubbies!) Both brands come with 6 pieces and were priced the same.
overhead photo of six Mikawaya Mango Mochi
Here’s a side by side comparison. The Trader Joe’s version was a vibrant orange whereas the Mikawaya one was a pale orange. Taste-wise, we definitely preferred the Trader Joe’s version. The Mikawaya tasted very artificial whereas the Trader Joe’s version tasted like mango puree.
overhead photo of two different mochi

Mango Coconut Caramel Corn
overhead photo of a bag of Mango Coconut Caramel Corn
I’m not really a caramel corn person, but I couldn’t resist trying this. The caramel corn was still predominantly caramel flavored, but had subtle overtones of mango and coconut.
close-up photo of Mango Coconut Caramel Corn

RJ’s Mango flavored licorice
overhead photo of a bag of RJ's Mango flavored licorice
This wasn’t featured in the flyer, but was on display with all the other mango products. I love licorice so I was excited to try this one out. I really enjoyed these. The thick-cut pieces have a very chewy texture, which is how I like my licorice.
close-up photo of RJ's Mango flavored licorice

Chimes Mango Ginger Chews
overhead photo of a package of Chimes Mango Ginger Chews
I really like ginger chews, but I’ve never purchased this particular brand before. Each chew had a subtle pleasant mango flavor mixed with the strong and spicy ginger. In general, I found these ginger chews a little firmer and smaller than the ones I usually buy .
close-up photo of individually-wrapped Chimes Mango Ginger Chews
That’s it for now! I know there were many other mango products I missed out on, but I was trying to exercise some restraint. I may have to go back for more ice cream and mochi though.


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6 comments on “Trader Joe’s June Edition”

  1. The mango bars were pretty good. We bought it but haven’t tried the mango coconut caramel corn yet.  We have to try that mango ice cream now based on your positive experience.  My favorite was the mango mochi with mango gelato and mango jam within. Total mango mania!

    • The mango mochi was so good! When I went, they were almost out of all the frozen mango goodies. I got the second to last ice cream and the last box of mochi and they were out of the macarons.

  2. I’m interested in trying TJ’s Mango & Cream Ice Cream. Is it very sweet?

  3. Nice! I’ve been meaning to visit and try the mango goodies after I saw their flyer.

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