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Trader Joe’s October Edition

October is my favorite time of year to shop at Trader Joe’s. They offer so many unique autumn and pumpkin flavored products. Here are the things I bought on my latest visit:
3 apple cider donuts from Trader Joe's

Apple Cider Donuts
box of apple cider donuts
I was really excited to try these donuts because I like apple cider donuts and they can be hard to find. The donuts have a good flavor to them, but I do wish they were fresher. The box was cold when I bought it and the donuts did need to be heated up briefly before eating.
open box of Apple cider donuts from Trader Joe's

Pumpkin Spice Almond Beverage
pumpkin spice almond beverage bottle
I tried this almond beverage last year and enjoyed it so I’m happy to see it’s back. I love adding it to my morning coffee.

Caramel Apple Granola
package of caramel apple granola
Large crunchy granola clusters flavored with caramel and apples. I really enjoy the fall twist on this granola.
loose granola

Organic Bourbon Barrel Aged Vermont Maple Syrup
bottle of bourbon barrel aged maple syrup
This syrup is quite nice. It tastes like maple syrup but a slightly more adult version.

Coconut Sesame Seed Clusters
open bag of coconut sesame seed clusters
This was a new item a few months ago but my local store was out of it when I tried to buy it. However on this trip I was able to get a bag. Coconut flakes are sweetened and coated in sesame seeds. This reminds me of a coconut version of Chinese sesame candy. I quite enjoyed them but I also feel like it wouldn’t be too hard to make myself.

That’s all for now! As always, let me know if you have any new favorites you think I should try. I recently read about their corn on the cob popcorn which I need to go back for!

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6 comments on “Trader Joe’s October Edition”

  1. They have a seasonal Honeycrisp Apple scented candle for $3.99. The scent was so much of real sweet apple,. I bought maybe 15 tins! But, alas, the candles weren’t very good as the wax quickly lost the apple scent.

  2. I was trying to find the apple cider donuts at the Liberty Station TJ’s a few days ago and they were either out or hadn’t received their shipment. I’m going to try again today at my local TJ’s.