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Tribute Pizza

Tribute Pizza opened late last year, serving wood-fired pizzas that pay tribute to the best pizzas from around the world.
overhead photo of two pizzas served at Tribute Pizza

Located in North Park, the restaurant occupies a former post office space (the signage still exists on the side of the building).
photo of the outside of Tribute Pizza
To save room for the pizzas, we decided to forgo on any starters, something I regretted later after seeing many tables order the charcuterie board. The beautifully arranged charcuturie boards are served on giant slabs of wood and the presentation had nearly every guest pulling out their cell phones for a photo. Next time!

The spacious restaurant has an open kitchen and a variety of seating to choose from including booths, communal tables and bar seating.
photo of the inside of Tribute Pizza
photo of the dining area in Tribute Pizza

molto autentico
overhead photo of molto autentico pizza
This pizza is meant to pay tribute to “greezy cardboard pizza nostalgia.” It’s topped with crushed tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, garlicky mushrooms, calabrian chile fennel sausage and house smoked cheddar.

The appearance of the messy blend of toppings that seemed to melt into each other was indeed reminiscent of cardboard pizzas.

The pizza crust though, was of course nothing like the cardboard pizzas of my past. The crusts at Tribute Pizza are crusty and crispy. It has a bread-like chewy consistency, but with a much lighter feel. I found myself eyeing the loaves of house-baked focaccia displayed in the kitchen and wondering how good they must be if their crust is this delightful. But we’ll have to save that for another visit as well.

‘los pizzas hermanos’ al pastor
overhead photo of 'los pizzas hermanos' al pastor pizza
This pizza pays tribute to “Tacos el Gordo, Tijuana, Baja, California, MX.” It’s topped with housemade nine spice and cerveza ipa al pastor sausage, roasted corn and poblano peppers in cerma mexicana, mozzeralla and queso panela, fresh cilantro and oregano.

I really enjoyed the smokiness of the poblano peppers and the spices in the suasage. The pizza was as flavorful as it was colorful.

mom’s recipe tiramisu
photo of tiramisu
This generous slice of tiramisu was big enough for sharing. It was very classic take on tiramisu, with a little extra booziness. Mr. K find the extra alcohol to be a bit too much, but I quite enjoyed it.

Overall, we had a pretty great first meal here. I really enjoyed the pizza crust, though I do want to try out some of the other pizzas next time until I find a favorite topping combination. I will also make sure to order the charcuterie board next time as well.


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Tribute Pizza
3077 North Park Way
San Diego, 92104

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7 comments on “Tribute Pizza”

  1. I’ve been wanting to try this place since reading Kirk’s post on it I so would try the Charcuterie board! I recently had pizza that had a delicious bread type crust. The crust ring tasted like baked crusty bread but the interior tasted like soft yummy dough. The molto autentico looks absolutely delicious. Hope to try this place soon –

  2. So glad you and Mr. K finally tried Tribute. We really liked the pizzas we had there (Brooklyn’s Best and the Al Pastor). I still want to try Kirk’s favorite, the foccacia with n’duja. The folks working here are really nice. They also have an eclectic beer selection. I do like their crust here!

  3. Hi Kirbie – The Charcuterie board (though minus the charcuterie – it’s the cheese and roasted veggies that’s good) usually has a nice focaccia of the day. The focaccia with n’duja is really good. As for pizzas; they’ve improved over time; though I still think Bruno is better.