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Umami Burger

Umami Burger is a popular burger chain that originated in Los Angeles.

I’ve been quite curious about the restaurant for a while, especially with the name umami.  While visiting The Pie Hole, I noticed that there was an Umami Burger spot just a few doors down. Before I knew what was happening, I was at the front counter ordering a burger to share with Mr. K even though we had pies to buy and a dinner with friends in less than an hour. But as Mr. K reasoned, we were so close by, we might as well. This is why I married him.

To make sure we wouldn’t be late for our dinner, we got the burger to-go.

The restaurant has a very sleek and modern feel to it. From far away the logo made me think of macarons. Up close, it looks like lips. I know it’s supposed to be a burger but I just don’t immediately think “burger” when I see it.

Truffle Burger

The burger was oozing with meat juices and melted truffle cheese. The aroma of truffle was quite intoxicating. I love that the burger buns are branded. The bready bun held up quite well and the griddled ground beef patty was cooked to a perfect medium rare, as I requested.

We scarfed this burger down in the parking lot in just minutes, never quite making it to the inside of the car.

At $12, this burger isn’t cheap, but it was pretty well executed. Mr. K stated that for the price, he prefers Slater’s 50/50. I enjoyed the burger more than he did and if a location was closer to me, I wouldn’t mind eating here again and exploring more of the menu, but I also wouldn’t make a special out-of-the-way trip for the burger. Either way, it was great to finally check this off my list, as it’s been on my mental to-do list for a number of years.

Umami Burger (multiple locations)
49 East Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91105


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18 comments on “Umami Burger”

  1. There’s an Umami in Costa Mesa! A little bit closer to SD. It is located in a pretty cool spot called The Camp that includes Native Foods, Milk & Honey, and East Borough -basically a mini LA in the middle of the OC.

    • Ooh, I’ve been wanting to go Milk & Honey so I def need to check out The Camp so I can go to both. thanks for the tip!

  2. The sweet potato fries are delicious here! They also have four different sauces. My favorite is the jalepeno ranch!

  3. Mr. K is definitely a keeper with that attitude, haha! Jake encourages my whims, too. Also a keeper. I have only heard good things about this place on it’s on my long list of “LA to-do”. Love the branding on the bun and I like the look of all of the melted cheese. I’m not a fan of Slater’s myself.

    • I love how perfectly melted the cheese was. Sometimes you get that half melted, which isn’t nearly as appealing. I like Slater’s but not nearly as much as Mr. K. He’s basically there every time I’m not around.

  4. Wow – a buger before dinner!!! You guys are awesome!

    Hmmm, I see that Umami is next to Intelligentsia Coffee, which is on my list for my upcoming food crawl. I’ll just have to add Umami Burger to the list!

  5. Have always wanted to try Umami but every time I go to LA we already have plans to eat at so many places Umami always falls by the wayside. Hopefully they will get around to opening one in SD too. Did you think the burger was small? I heard some people complain it was relatively small sized.

    • that’s how it has been for me too– had it on my list but it always fell off because of other plans. I did feel it was a little small for the price.

  6. Definitely Umami burger over Slater’s. I have family living in L.A. County area. Ate at Umami Burger Hermosa Beach. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Wish there was one in the SD area.

  7. Umami > Slater’s. By a mile, IMHO 😉

  8. I’ve wanted to try this place. It makes me sad that they haven’t opened one up here in SD. $12 is a bit steep but I think it’s worth every penny if it’s a GREAT burger. I love truffles too – there’s something about that particular scent that makes me happy.

    • I don’t mind paying more for a good burger either. I would have liked this one to be bigger though for $12 as it was on the small side

  9. The logo looks like a lip to me too!
    $12 for a burger? Wow!

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