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Uptown Tavern

Recently DH and I have been exploring San Diego beers and breweries a lot more thanks to a few beer crawls with good friends. It’s made us also want to check out more bar restaurants. Out of the ones we’ve been to so far, Uptown Tavern is definitely one of our favorites.

One of the problems with bar restaurants is that the food often suffers. This is not the case with Uptown Tavern, as two of our favorite dishes are made at this restaurant.

Charred Brussel Sprouts

This is one of their most popular appetizers and it’s our favorite too. It’s the best restaurant prepared brussel sprouts I’ve had to date. The sprouts are heavily dosed in vinaigrette and chili flakes. DH rarely raves about a vegetable dish but he loves this one.

Chorizo Jalapeno Mac n’ Cheese

This was the macaroni special of the day. DH loves his macaroni and cheese and loved the spicy flavor of the jalapenos and the savory chorizo.

Roasted Quinoa with goat cheese and market vegetables

We’d had a lot of heavy meals lately, so I tried to go for something a bit lighter. I especially liked the disk of fried goat cheese on top.

Pumpkin Creme Brulee

You know how I love my pumpkin desserts, so I had to try this. You could definitely taste the pumpkin and the spices, much more than the version I had at Sora.

Pistachio Bread Pudding

This is hands down my favorite dessert here and one of the best bread puddings I’ve had in San Diego. Normally I’m not a huge bread pudding fan. I’m not a douse pancakes or waffles into syrup type of person, so I don’t really like the idea of dousing bread pieces in syrup, custard, etc.

The bread puddings I tend to like are twists on the classic such as a chocolate croissant or banana bread pudding. The Uptown version sticks pretty close to a classic bread pudding but it is just really well made. The egg bread, custard, ice cream and caramel sauce go together so well and with all the right proportions.

Just writing this post is making me crave the brussel sprouts and bread pudding again. The tavern also has several beers on tap, a variety of cocktails.  They also take reservations which is always a plus.

Uptown Tavern
1236 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92103
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8 comments on “Uptown Tavern”

  1. Uptown Tavern is definitely one of my fav new spots. Their mac & cheese options are SO good.

    • I’ve been really happy with this spot. My only complaint is the funky mood lighting which made most of my photos come out blue and purple.

  2. Yum everything looks delicious! Crispy Brussels sprouts are the best!

    • My mom never cooked brussel sprouts, so my first experience wasn’t until college. I actually really love them when they are made right.

  3. That bread pudding?! Wow so good. They offered it for taste n tinis. One of the best tastes of the night.

  4. I am quite jealous of your recent food outing. I really like gourmet Mac and cheese and have never been able to go back tomKraft since trying various restaurant versions and making my own. The one you show looks delicious. I especially like when they use the ridged, corkscrew pasta. It just holds the sauce and add-ins much better. I am also very jealous you got my two favorite types of desserts: pumpkin and bread pudding! Their bread pudding looks amazing and makes me want to fly back to SoCal just to try some!

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