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Wa Okan Dining Lunch revisit

Wa Dining Okan
3860 Convoy St #110
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 279-0941

I’ve been eating. I’ve been eating a lot actually. But I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a lot of time to spend on posts. There’s so many things I’ve been trying to get done.

Something about the end of the year looming sets off all these tasks that I suddenly must get done before the New Year!

The other day BF and I had a chance to eat at Okan for lunch.  I’ve posted about their lunch set up before, here.

We each got the basic set, which is three preselected tapa dishes, a bowl of miso soup, homemade pickles  and a bowl of brown rice with driedn hijiki seaweed.

On this occasion the tapa dishes were bogo root, oden and shirataki noodles with fish roe.

I love the miso soup here because it is full of vegetables: potatoes, carrots, konnyaku, onions. It makes a very hearty soup.

For the main entree, all the options were fried foods. BF got the fried chicken steak with sesame sauce.

I got the fried croquette.

We decided to get dessert as well, which was a sponge cake roll with whipped cream and pudding.

BF and I always enjoy eating here. Lunch does not have as much variety as dinner obviously,but it is simple, healthy and reasonably priced. The service is always great.

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