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Waffle Donuts at Vons

While grocery shopping at Vons a few weeks ago, I passed by the bakery section and these glazed waffles in the donut section caught my attention. Against my better judgment, I grabbed one to try.

I assumed they were supposed to be waffle donuts, which was later confirmed by the recording playing over the speakers announcing sales and new products. In theory the idea sounds intriguing. Waffles are definitely a trending food this year, with waffle sandwiches and liege waffles constantly popping up on menus.

This actually looked quite pretty too: golden brown with an even coating of glaze. However, all my happy thoughts ended at first bite. I did not enjoy this at all. I usually find most of the Von’s bakery products to be edible, but I couldn’t make it halfway through this one.

It didn’t taste like a waffle or a donut. The interior was spongy, wet and soggy and tasted mostly of maple syrup. Perhaps if they hadn’t doused it in maple syrup I would be able to tell if it is supposed to be fried dough or waffle batter, but in it’s current state, I had no idea.

It’s too bad this came out so poorly because I love the idea of waffling (or would it be waffleizing?) a donut and might try my own version at some point.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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16 comments on “Waffle Donuts at Vons”

  1. I love waffles but I wouldn’t want it soggy. I like it crispy straight out of the waffle iron! I would just add just a drizzle of honey on top.

  2. “Maple” Syrup? You’re an optimist! I bet it was high fructose corn syrup with artificial maple flavoring.

  3. I tried these, too! I didn’t try the glazed one, but I tried the cinnamon sugar and the maple one. The maple one I had was crispier though the glaze was too heavy. Maybe I got lucky and got them fresh (it was in the morning) because I didn’t think it was too bad.

  4. Too bad this didn’t taste good.  Vons bakers soakng this in syrup wasn ‘t a good thing either.  

  5. Weird – was it supposed to be like donut batter in a waffle iron?

    I forget where I saw it but someone said that waffling a regular glazed donut in a waffle iron makes it crispy and delicious. Biscuits do well in a waffle iron (they soak up sausage gravy like a champ with all those nooks) but it’s better in a waffle iron with a clip to keep it closed or it rises too much. Also, 2 biscuits is good, 3 will strain the clip and possibly make it very hard to open back up.

    • i think it was supposed to be donut batter in a waffe iron but not positive. now i want to try just throwing a fully cooked glazed donut in my waffle iron.

  6. I’ve tried very similar looking Waffle Donuts at Safeway (!), not bad, better than their failed (IMO) Donut Croissants! I too, tried the Maple flavor, but it wasn’t drenched maple syrup, but a visible coffee-colored Maple frosting/glaze. I thought it was pretty good~

    • hm, i actually thought the donut croissants came out more edible than these, but then, each store has different bakers, so sounds like your store did a much better job.

  7. When I saw the picture I was thinking some folks will buy this and use it as a hamburger bun. Or for a pork burger perhaps. That doesn’t sound enticing to me but I mention it as I think I’ve seen stories about burgers at state fairs, using donuts as the bun. Doesn’t Paula deem make something like that? 

  8. I remember reading about them in Chicago where they’re call “wonuts.” It’s a shame about these. I can’t imagine them being too good if they’re left out for a bit. Try waffling french fries at home. They’re delicious!

    • mmm, waffling fries sounds good. funny, these didn’t have any label that i could find, so I don’t know what they were calling them here.