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Waffle Lounge inside Donut Bar

Donut Bar recently opened its Waffle Lounge, located in the upstairs section of Donut Bar. In addition to being a place to hang out and enjoy your donuts, it also serves waffles.

We went to check it out this past weekend. After you enter the Donut Bar shop you can head upstairs to get to the lounge. Once upstairs, there is a counter where you can order your waffle and/or donuts.

The lounge has a variety of chairs and tables to choose from. I especially like the large chalkboards where customers can write messages, donut flavors ideas, etc. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the lounge. It was relaxing, well-lit, a perfect place to hang out with some friends or maybe even get some work done.

House Waffle (bacon waffles, topped with Nutella and bananas)

The waffle was very light and stuffed with bits of bacon. A lot of the bacon waffles I’ve encountered have been heavy and dense, but this was not. It was crisp, light and a good balance of salty and sweet. I could have easily just eaten it by itself. The warmed Nutella and bananas were a good accompaniment. We had no problems polishing off this waffle and are eager to try some of the other ones offered.

We also couldn’t resist getting a few donuts.

Orange Creamsicle, Strawberries and Cream, Buttermilk Bar

My favorite of the three was the strawberries and cream donut. I thought the flavor would only be in the frosting, but when I bit in, the cake donut was studded with strawberry bits. The frosting also wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet. Instead, it had some tartness from strawberries.

Here are a few more shots of the lounge:

And some donuts for that day:

We really enjoyed the Waffle Lounge. It was a fun atmosphere, the staff came by to check on us frequently and the waffle we had was delicious. We went on a Sunday, which seemed to be less busy than the previous Saturdays we’ve gone. They only recently began extending open hours to include Sunday. You can check their Facebook page for up to date information on store hours and flavors of the day. Our original visit to Donut Bar can be found here.

Donut Bar
631 B Street
San Diego, CA

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14 comments on “Waffle Lounge inside Donut Bar”

  1. I’ve been here but lurking – we still go back to the Oceanaire Room every year and I always think of you! We went to Donut Bar twice, I had the Elvis on the first trip (and a bite of someone’s Salted Caramel) then we all split a Captain America and Wolverine on the next trip. We brought donuts to the guys who run the Marvel booth so we really got the word out, all because of you!

    • I saw the donuts they made for CC! I wanted so badly to get them, but we were in line every morning trying to get into things! I’m so glad you liked Oceanaire. I actually have been wondering if you did. Every time I go, I think of you too. haha. The first year after you said you were going, I went about a month after, and our waiter mentioned that he had served you guys and I’ve been curious if you had a good experience ever since! Glad to know you did. And glad to know you like Donut Bar!

  2. In town for Comic Con and went on your recommendation (and told them so!) – it was AWESOME!

    • Yay!!! Haven’t seen you comment in a while. I actually just recommended this place to my friend who is in town for CC. Hope you have a good time!

  3. i was just telling the bffbf this weekend that we need to try this place.

    • Yes check it out! I’ve been watching the progress via their Facebook teasers. It was a total spur of the moment to visit as we were heading downtown anyway and I’m so glad we stopped by

  4. Orange Cremesicle is such an interesting flavor for a donut! How did it taste?

    • It was pretty good! The donut was light and fluffy with an orange/creamiscle like filling. It could have used a tad more filling I think as we had to bite in pretty far to reach it.

  5. I was going to ask same thing as Jinxi. I wonder why Sunday isn’t as popular as Saturday? Can you order donuts if you’re upstairs as well?

  6. It’s nice to know about the waffle lounge upstairs. At least there’s another cboice if you don’t want donuts.

    • The waffles are delicious! I like that you can eat your donuts upstairs too instead of having to find somewhere else, or take them home.

  7. Ooh I have to find an opportunity to try this out. How are the lines at Donut Bar nowadays?

    • I don’t go often enough to know. I think there is usually a wait in the morning before it opens on Saturday. Sunday seems to be less busy. We went late morning on Sunday and there were no lines, quite a few donuts left, and lots of room upstairs too.

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