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Hello, hello! The last two months have flown by. There has been so much I wanted to share, but I just haven’t had any time!

1. You may have noticed the site re-design! I hope you like it as much as I do. I love the cleaner appearance and I think it’s a lot easier to find things on the homepage as well. The new re-design was created by Purr Design. Lindsay has been my website designer since I stopped using the free wordpress themes several years ago and I can’t say enough good things about her. She is the best! If you’re looking for a website designer, I definitely recommend her. There is usually a wait list because she is high in demand, but she’s worth the wait!

2. Isn’t this bunny beautiful? This was our pet bunny for a week. Okay, more like the neighborhood’s pet bunny. I was out in my garden one day, tending to the garden beds, and when I looked up, there was this bunny in front of me. You can imagine my surprise.
photo of a white rabbit
We tried our best to bring it inside for shelter or find its owners and also contacting the rabbit humane society, but it was really hard. He/she only seemed to appear really early in the morning or right after sunset. When we got too close, it would simply hop over to one of the neighbor’s yards. The first few days I really worried about it surviving outdoors, but it seemed to be doing well and enjoyed nibbling on my kale plants.

Finally, after a week, a member of the rabbit society was able to catch it before sunset. Even though I know it was best for the bunny, I was still sad to see it go. I hope they are able to reunite it with its owner or find a good home. I’m trying to convince Mr. K that this is an obvious sign that we need to get a pet.

3. A few weeks ago, I attended my first food photography workshop. I have been completely self-taught, learning from books, research online and a lot of practice. But I figured it was time I finally take a class. White On Rice Couple are right here in Southern California and they are rock stars in the food blogger world and their photographs can be seen everywhere, from magazine and cookbook covers, to advertisement campaign for leading national food brands. I’ve always admired their style of photography, so if there was one workshop I was going to invest in, it had to be theirs.

The workshop was intense. We started around 8:30 every morning and finished a little after 4, with just a short break for lunch. But the time really flew by and I learned so much. I left feeling so inspired, reinvigorated and eager to incorporate the things I learned.

Zucchini Breadsticks and Blueberry Cobbler Dump Cake were the first recipes I took photos of after the workshop and I really love how the photos turned out.

Here are a few photos I took during the workshop:
photo of eggs in a bowl
overhead photo of radishes
I also love this one I shared on Instagram.

4. Triple Chocolate Kit Kats exist! I had no idea.
overhead photo of a package of Triple Chocolate Kit Kats
When you bite in, everything is chocolate, including the wafer. I’m really enjoying these. Sorry kids, I’m saving this bag for myself and will not be giving out this particular candy on Halloween.
close-up photo of Triple Chocolate Kit Kats

5. Have you heard of GreenPan cookware before? I bought a set of skillets when they were on sale at Costco and I am loving them so far. They are non-stick ceramic coated cookware. I usually don’t like regular non-stick pans because the coating can prevent certain foods from getting that sear or crunch. What I love about these pans is that they are lightweight and cook like a cast iron skillet or similar pan. My fried eggs have been coming out beautifully without having to add any oil!

That’s all for now. I have more to share, but unfortunately I am out of writing time right now. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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6 comments on “Weekend Ramblings”

  1. I’m so glad they were able to catch the rabbit, he/she probably would not have survived much longer on their own. I hope he/she is reunited with their family or finds a new forever home!

  2. You should definitely get a bunny. I have a < 2 pound Netherland dwarf so I obviously advocate getting one 🙂

  3. I love the GreenPan nonstick skillets! 😀 And the bunny is SO CUTE… please get a pet so I can come bother you all the time hahaha