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Wendy’s Pretzel Pub Chicken Sandwich

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Recently Wendy’s came out with a premium Pretzel Pub Chicken Sandwich. I am a fan of Wendy’s first pretzel product, the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger, so I was definitely curious to try out the newest pretzel offering.

Appearance: My first impression out of the box was that this sandwich didn’t look as pretty as the pretzel burger. It wasn’t as well put together and the pretzel bun looked a little dehydrated. Here’s the bacon pretzel cheeseburger for comparison:

Bun: Luckily, the bun was just fine. Thick, soft and not at all dry. It was as good as the previous pretzel buns I’ve had from Wendy’s pretzel burgers.

Chicken: On all the commercials I’ve seen, the sandwich featured a grilled patty. You can get the chicken grilled or crispy, but apparently if you don’t specify, the default is crispy. I had actually wanted grilled, but I wasn’t asked my preference and I was surprised when I was presented with a crispy chicken patty. There’s nothing wrong with Wendy’s fried chicken patty, but I had already ordered another fried chicken sandwich so I was looking forward to a healthier option.

The patty was actually pretty good. It had a thick, crunchy and well seasoned breading. I just wish they made it more clear which chicken patty you are getting with your order.

Toppings: Like the pretzel burger, the sandwich is topped with fresh spring greens instead of iceberg lettuce. There’s also a slice of Muenster cheese and a honey mustard sauce.

Overall, I enjoyed the sandwich, but not as much as the Pretzel Burger. At $5.19 for a sandwich, I’d rather go for the Bacon Pretzel Cheeseburger.

Monterey Ranch Chicken Sandwich

While there, I also picked up the Monterey Ranch chicken sandwich, which is currently on their value menu for $.99. It’s hard to properly review this one after eating the premium sandwich. The breading on the chicken was thinner, but still crunchy and seasoned. It’s topped with Monterey Jack Cheese instead of the standard yellow squares and it has Ranch dressing. I thought this was a good value menu item given the price and would order it again if I’m ordering from the value menu.


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2 comments on “Wendy’s Pretzel Pub Chicken Sandwich”

  1. Tried one and I have to agree that although I did enjoy it, I prefer the original Bacon Pretzel Cheeseburger, which I’ve had twice before. I cannot recall having tried a burger or sammy that was Muenster cheese dominant before so I was a bit leery of trying it but my curiosity won. Now, I’m anxious to formulate my own version at home with Muenster. 😉

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