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Wow Wow Waffle

WOW WOW Waffle, with stands at various farmer’s markets in San Diego, recently set up a permanent space behind 30th Street Laundry. They specialize in sweet and savory liege waffles.

Once you rear around the corner, you’ll be treated to an open space decorated with reclaimed wood furniture.

Liege waffles are yeast-based, with a dense, bread-like texture making them perfect in sweet and savory form. On the day we visited, there were seven options available.

Banana and Nutella Waffle

I chose the banana Nutella waffle. The waffle had a thin layer of Nutella spread and was topped with fresh banana slices. The texture of the waffle was pretty good, with all its layers distinguishable once you bit in. My one issue was that the exterior wasn’t as crisp as I would like. I don’t know if it was because of the toppings or because the waffles needed just a tad longer in the waffle iron.

Chocolate Infused Plain and Simple

We were looking for a plain waffle to try, but didn’t see it on the menu, so instead we ordered this chocolate infused one which was the closest to a plain one we could find. Again, the waffle lacked the crispy edges, but the interior was quite delicious, especially with chocolate evenly sandwiched between.

Overall, we had a good time here. These aren’t the best liege waffles I’ve had, but they were fairly good and we don’t have many options in San Diego for liege waffles. The owner and staff were also extremely friendly and attentive so I’d like to come back and try some more.

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Wow Wow Waffle
3519 30th St.
San Diego, CA 92104

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4 comments on “Wow Wow Waffle”

  1. Ooh I want to go here. Hopefully they improve the waffle crispiness (part of the reason why I prefer waffles to pancakes a thousand times over) but the space is gorgeous!

  2. It’s definitely a cool use of space. Their patio is really cool with the street art.. The owner is also a very nice guy.  I didn’t know about the chocolate chips embedded in the waffle. I’d like to try that one of these days. Glad you were able to go! 🙂

    • i think the menu changes so maybe it wasn’t there when you went? funny you should mention the street art. i was so engrossed with the menu i didnt really notice, but this evening i was going through photos that Mr. K sent me that he took this weekend and I saw the street art! He of course noticed it and I think it is really cool. Maybe I’ll update this post later when I have time with his photos of the art and decor.

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