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Yakyudori Ramen & Yakitori

Yakyudori Ramen & Yakitori
4898 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 268-2888

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Yakyudori Ramen & Yakitori. The last time I went, the ramen was really salty, but I wanted to go back once they started serving Yakitori. I found out recently that they are now serving Yakitori, after reading mmm-yoso’s post.

I put it on my to-do list, but didn’t expect to get to it as soon as I did. But this weekend, BF and I found ourselves wanting a light dinner and decided to go check out Yakitori.

It was pretty late when we went, and I was worried about crowds. It was crowded, but we were able to be seated within 5 minutes. We were seated in the bar section, which was great because I was able to observe all the grilling action.

Here is the menu. In addition to the yakitori section, they also added more other menu items.

Despite how busy the place was, everything came out really fast. I was impressed with how fast our food arrived. The yakitori items came out as quickly as when we’ve ordered ramen in the past. As a result, our meal ended up being very quick, which is just what I was looking for.

I was set on the chicken heart and chicken gizzard, but they were sold out of both. We ordered beef tongue (tan):

I really liked the flavor of this. BF didn’t like the texture though.

Beef (harami):

The beef was tender. The chunks on the skewer were a little on the fatty side for me.

Quail eggs (uzura)

The quail eggs were grilled and seasoned with a simple salt and pepper. I love quail eggs, but these weren’t very different from the ones I normally make except that they were grilled.

Eringi Mushroom

I liked the sauce of the mushrooms and of course I liked the mushrooms themselves. Even BF gave this an “alright” which is high praise since he normally hates mushrooms.

Chicken wings (tebakara)

The skin was crispy and the meat inside was very juicy. I thought the skin had too much seasoning and ended up being too salty for me.

BF also ordered the spicy tuna tar tar. I liked the mixture of the tofu, onions and the raw tuna. There was also a raw quail egg.

Overall, it was a nice, light dinner. I was happy we got our food quick and were out of the place in under an hour. The staff was also very friendly and happy.  I’ll come back again to try more yakitori items.
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2 comments on “Yakyudori Ramen & Yakitori”

  1. Hi Kirbie – I’m glad you made it too Yakyudori for some yakitori! Perhaps next time I’ll meet you guys.

    • We’d love to meet up with you there! I don’t have too much experience with yakitori but I liked what I tried and can’t wait to try more.

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